Feb. 23rd, 2007

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First of: I love my job. I work at a church with special children, and they are made of awesome, all of them. Today I show up after my holiday break (I'd been there to visit them but I wasn' t allowed to go into the classrooms and *be* with them, just see them and talk some. Its not the same) to work with them, and they had this surprise for me! A little girl wrote in huge red letters "Welcome Back Doc" on the chalkboard, (I'm not a doc, but they call me that) and they made paintings and drawings, and it was all so touching I cried. And then we were all crying and my supervisor walked in and left with a huge smile too.
Thing is that this children don't really get a lot of attention, they're in there because their families, for one reason or another, couldn't cope with their reality, so when somebody is there, helping them, teaching them stuff and just caring is like a gift for them, and so they're very grateful. That's a real life lesson.

Second: I so should be working on my Social Studies paper... I just need to procrastinate some before getting my ass in gear and actually sitting down and decide what the hell am I gonna talk about in it   ::headdesk::

Third: I'm starting to think that I sound like a blond. Yesterday the best friend's gf brought her sister along, and the sister thought I was a blond... by just hearing me talk through a door. WTF? That's the second time this week. How do blonds sound anyway? O.o

Fourth: I lost four pounds. And I know that should be a good thing, but its not. I'm 110 lbs and prone to anemia. So unjustified weight-loss is a big no-no. Gotta go to see a doctor about that.

And lastly: I think I saw my first autumn-fallen leaf this morning! And that made so happy!
Awww, I'm happy. Are you happy? Lets all be happy!

Okay, I release you from my madness, you can go on your merry way now.
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To all Sam/Jo fans out there:

You need to read this: Five states, six calls, no emo allowed 1/1 (supernatural)  by [personal profile] medie
Btw, this is really not in-class reading material...


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