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Name:olé nonetheless
Birthdate:Aug 6
Sister. Texan. Photographer. Bookworm. Friend. Idealist. Writer. Dancer. Thinker. Individualist. Computers illiterate. Insomniac. Absent-minded. Sore loser. Traveller. Listener. Stubborn. Music junkie. Fangirl. Sarcastic. Art lover. Movie-goer. Procrastination-inclined. Random. Nostalgic. Caffeine friend. Easily annoyed. Friendly. Visual person. Freedom lover. Loner. Selectively anal-retentive. Cautiously optimistic. In constant motion. Shy. Tea addicted. Night owl. Autumn freak. Denim enthusiast. Sci-fi geek. Trivia provider. Dogs person. Belligerent.

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30stm, activism, anansi boys, anne rice, arjona, art, audrey tautou, autumn, ballet, barack obama, biking, blues, bob dylan, books, bookstores, calvin and hobbes, candles, captain jack harkness, cars, classic rock, coach taylor, coffee, cooking, counterculture, country, damine rice, dammit jim, dancing, david tennant, delta blues, doctor who, donna noble, dragonlance, drawing, driving, dune, dune saga, egalitarianism, eric clapton, fandom, fanfiction, firefly/serenity, freedom, garfield, ghosts, good omens, grass leaves, green, guitar riffs, guns'n'roses, gwen, gwen/arthur, harry potter, hiking, house md, human rights, human rights watch, incubus, independent films, indie, indie music, indigo adults, individuality, insightful tv, james t. kirk, jared leto, jazz, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jimmi hendrix, johnny depp, josh ritter, kane, kerouac, kirk/mccoy, languages, led zeppelin, life, liv tyler, martha jones, max/alec, merlin, metallica, metallicar, morgana, motorcycles, nataly portman, neuromancer, nietzsche, nina simone, nyota uhura, one hundred years of solitude, orlando bloom, painting, petting my cat, philosophy, photoart, photographing, photography, pink floyd, psychoanalysis, psychology, reading, rock, rock'n'roll, rockabilly, rolling stones, sabina, salvador dali, scout finch, snark, soul, soundgarden, spock, spock/uhura, star trek, steve carlson, supernatural, surealism, surf, tardis, tatoos, tea, tenth doctor, the daily show, the lord of the rings, the simpsons, the unusuals, the x files, tim burton, to kill a mockingbird, tolkien, tool, tracy chapman, u2, vampires, viggo mortensen, wanderlust, writing, yoga
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