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Aug. 10th, 2010 12:34 pm
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hullo! So checking how's tricks around here, since I've been a bit, uh, gone for the last couple of days.

This internet connection continues to be fickle, the Codex Alera series continues to be addictive, as well as random French police novels. Cold temperatures continue to be awesome and Sherlock continues to trickle in instead of getting downloaded properly.

To continue with the Gratitude Project, I should put down on stone, here and now, how grateful I am for the project itself, really. The world looks different, all brighter light, sharper colors and livelier sounds when you're looking at the part of your day where you're grateful for the chance you got to talk to your mom while waiting for the traffic jam to clear a bit.

Also, serendipity. I love serendipity.


Aug. 7th, 2010 06:31 am
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You guys, I'm 24!!!!!!!

Ahem, so yeah. It was nice and there were tears and laughter and some more tears and cake. So it all worked out.

Missed my dad so damn much, but my mom cried with me and held me close, and then the bro listened to me lose it over the phone all over again and was generally sweet (for him) and, well, all was as good with the world as it could be, I guess.

Huge, mayor thanks to all the lovely ladies who sent some love over the magic railway lines of the internet, it made the day even more beautiful. SO THANK YOU FOR THAT.

I don't think I need to specify what I'm grateful for, do I?

::is blissful::

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Just spoke on the phone with Jay, here's what he has to say for himself:

J: So, good news.
Me: shoot.
J: I don't really have to read or speak keysmash in order to live in Wales. How awesome is that?
Me: very awesome. What's the grandma say?
J: that she'll lock me up with some folk she knows, then I'll really know pain or some such.
Me: Ah, good ol' grandma.

So, yeah. That happened. Also, it'll be no time before he starts cussing in Welsh, wouldn't dare call him my brother ever again if I don't get evidence of this progress sometime next phone call...
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Ha. So, y'all remember that one time when I wrote about how I was gonna be kinda gone from the interwebz for a while? Well, I was not lying. In case you were interested.


Also also, the place where I'm at currently is so breath-taking-ly beautiful I cannot describe it properly, just know that there are mountains and cold and ROSES IN EVERY AVAILABLE SQUAURE INCH and, dear Lord, the colors! I'll upload pictures for you as soon as I get to a wi-fi bar (one of the at least fourteen I've already spotted in this less-than-twelve-blocks-large town, care to do the statistics for that?) and have access to my laptop's files.

Other than that: HI BARACKLES!!!!! I kinda miss you and it occurred to me that it's been so fucking long since I last sent you smoke signals it was embarrassing... HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dec. 31st, 2009 12:55 pm
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This morning:

Mom: hey, honey. Got a gift for you.
Me: yeah? What is it?
Mom: You're always complaining about how little rest I get even while on vacation and all, so I thought I could recruit you to cook tonight's dinner.
Me: Sure. What do you have in mind?
Mom:.. surprise me!
Me: ::headdesk::

So, of course I'm blasting Erykah Badu to the loudest capacity of my laptop, because I'm cooking... something.

Also, this is the first break I've had all day, tonight I'mma be a walking corpse, I can just tell! However, I think I like the responsibility because I'm kind of happy? (though, in all fairness, I am listening to my dear EB, so, this may twofold)


Jul. 14th, 2009 08:24 pm
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Okay, this is me being all helpful and in my quest to make the world a better place.

The Encounter by [profile] cole_chan  deserves your total and undivided attention for the painfully short time it takes to read. Because it is lovely, adorable and utterly fangirling material. Even if you don't like/know of/fangirl to death one fandom or the other, or hey, either, you still should go and read simply for the pleasure of it. There. Um, it's a Doctor Who/Star Trek reboot crossover that makes so much sense and will leave you with the greatest starry eyes ever.

Also, went skiing, took a truckload of pictures, came home to a crashed computer, fixed the computer (because I rock, and am fearless and also desperate) by myself, uploaded the pictures and proceeded to curse a couple car window reflexions (we were moving, it was cold, I was not allowed to be wee bit happy for a wee bit second because the step father likes to castrate me like that), called my brother and gloated about how I'm basking in the snow while he's slowly cooking in his own sweat, he kindly reminded me he does not like snow as I do, I still gloated.

Um. Pics to come, and also those little stories I owe Anna and Zo.

Much love, bbs. Which you can tell by my effusive reccing of (ha!) yet another ST fic. I'll go back to Spn and J2, promise. It's just, you guys, ST is soooo shinyyyyy! and snarky.

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some photos I've taken of the sun doing sunny things. Also, I'm bored. Please do note that these are all through car windows, some of them while parked, others while in motion, but all equally loved by me.

shine on, you crazy diamond )

Well, that's that, folks. Back to whatever it is you do when I'm not bored out of my skull. Thank you for your time.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you lots and would tremendously appreciate it if you could pick up your damn phone. You know I always wish the very best for everybody you and this time is no exception, you're an amazing person and I kind of sort of worship admire you enough to tell you so. Hence the public acceptance of my own shortcomings happiness and gratefulness that I have you in my life and that you're our big brother. Also, Sophie wishes you'd pick up your damn phone as well.

Feliz cumpleaños, hermano!

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So, I'm on the phone with my brother (yes, you are allowed to look shocked and surprised at this strange occurrence) and he goes on and on about joining a gym and stuff, then asks about my routine (because he totally did not spend like three months with me an itty bitty little while ago), I told him I just did yoga for, like, twenty minutes every morning because I'm too lazy to hit a gym and also, self-conscious. So yoga studio it is, where people is nice and all peaced-out and stuff (not that there aren't types like that in a gym, they're just much more common where I'm at) and he scoffs and says that's not enough work out, where's the muscle and the sweat in that?


It is. It totally is a work out, I may not break out a sweat every single time, nor do I have nicely shaped/toned muscles, but that's because I don't feel like spending a hour in a heated room, sweating liters off for the sakes of feeling like a proper work out. I walk everywhere and I eat healthily and I'm way more flexible that he could ever dream of being. ::blows raspberry:: So there.

I was ticked, to I picked up a two liters (about 70 oz?, I'm out of practice with this whole conversions thingy) water bottle and tried some bicep curls, got to fifteen before my bicep started burning and my hand was kinda cramped. Totally the uncomfortable shape of the bottle's fault. Also, I know nothing about bicep curls and fifteen sounds minimal BUT I CAN HOLD THE ENTIRE WEIGHT OF MY BODY IN AWKWARD BALANCING ASANAS FOR, LIKE FIVE BREATHS (which is totally a long time, like thirty seconds, try it) AND LIVE TO TELL THE TALE. So shove it, bro.

Um. Wanna bake some bread, pro'lly will now that the weather seems to have gotten the memo that yes, fall is indeed here, and so it should behave accordingly, dammit!

Today I learned a valuable lesson: chickpeas are the girlfriends of the boypeas. Gender/biology lesson courtesy of the four year-old that joined my group last week. I may fangirl his awesomeness a little.

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Two things: that I took away from this episode )

Kitty pics tonight. ::sticks tongue out at Mousey::

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Um, hi. Remember me? Just spent four days without internet so I'm not even gonna bother with the flist. Well, maybe a little, like three, four pages back? ::ponders::

Also, went to the beach and managed to come back completely without a tan. Of any kind. How much win is that made of? ::headdesk:: Although I could swear that under the right lighting you can see the line of my watch...

Hi y'all!

Nat, did you get the postcard? Things have arrived to England, others surely must have been able to find their way to Florida.

P.S.: How was Show this last ep? Good? Okay? Stay-away-from-me? inquisitive minds want to know, since they had no internet when it aired and all. What about Leverage? Are they still rockin' it? ::goes to dl::
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And almost exclusively for your benefit.

Your respective stuff is in the mail already, and according to the nice clerk at the front desk, it should be getting to destination between the next eight to ten days. Hopefully it will be so and you'll get it sometime this year. Literally.

Also? LET ME KNOW IF YOU LIKED!! I may need to bask in it.

In other news, I'm almost done wrapping presents and shall be off to meet the family tomorrow morning. My brother is freaking out and I feel way in over my head with him, but this is exactly why he came here in the first place. So I guess 'making do' will be the catch phrase of the season.

Y'all have fun while I'm gone, though. M'kay?

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My brother just told me he's going vegetarian, it's a new thing he's trying, some more stuff is said, then some other stuff and anyway:

J: Bottom line is our turkey day will have to have no turkey. How's that sound? ::beams::
Me: ::buries face in pillow::

So, how 'bout it flist? any recs on vegetarian fixings for Thanksgiving? The issue here is the turkey (not that you can find any here, but I was gonna go with chicken like last year), the rest I can manage, I just want something vaguely resembling tradition for once ::heraddesk::

Since we're on the subject, J and the flower boy do not get along at all. Unless they're drunk, then they're potentially nice to each other. But just marginally, blink and you miss it. Fun times.

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Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

P.S.: My brother arrives today. Eeeee! ::twirls::
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The bro's best friend was found earlier today face down on the bathroom floor, Jared ran and called everyone and took him downstairs for the ambulance and spent the entire day in the hospital with the boy's mother, but ultimately there was nothing he could do. So.

It's possible Jared leaves Dallas definitely because, c'mon man, he's been taking hits from left, center and right lately and I honestly cannot see him hanging around out there for much longer. He's a brave one, my brother, and he's been trying to be strong and stoic in front of the shit storm, but his best friend killed himself and as soon as they told me I got a stomachache that's drilling me from the inside out, can't imagine what it's like for him, and the worst part (relatively speaking) is that the phone call won't fucking connect and I know he needs me right now, it's always been us against the world and I can't be there for him today. This hurts so much.

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I've been kind of reticent about sharing this with people, mostly on account of my mother not wanting me to tell people, but also because I'm not sure I'd be able to handle things if worse case scenario comes to be, which oddly enough is the very reason I'm posting about this at all.

A few months ago my step-father was diagnosed with skin cancer, they caught it in early stages and so surgical procedure was neither extensive nor dangerous, but it was stressing, especially since everybody involved seemed (seems) to be walking on egg shells around me on this topic, yes I did break down into tears over the phone when mom first told me, yes I did worn a gap on the hospital's waiting room floor while he was in the O.R. and yes I have been going crazy over all the possible might have beens, and worse, could bes, but I'm fine. Considering.

And honestly it's not even the cancer itself what's making me crazy, it's the implications and mom's policy of utmost secrecy (I'm assuming the step-dad is in on it as well, but I'm pretty sure it was her idea on the first place and he's just too tired/worried/in another headspace to really antagonize her over it), in the first place, it means I'm going to be even more paranoid about terminal conditions in the family, especially my sister who is the spit image of her dad and has already experienced several skin conditions at her tender age, and I'm already overloaded with all the crap my family's been going through over the last six or so years (I have an uncle who is both schizophrenic and drug addict, imagine the lovely dinner conversation we've had over him) and adding possibilities to that list is just too taxing; on the other hand, the attitude they've taken toward me is driving me up the damn wall, I mean, I understand their motivations and I get it that they're honestly worried about me and they're doing it out of kindness/love/protection but it needs to stop, it makes me feel handicapped somehow, like I hadn't actually dealt with Evan and I'm still stuck there or,  the one that actually hurts me, that I'm unable to move past it, but since this isn't about me I can't really sit people down and tell them to stop. Jared has been there for me, but he's got his own plate kind of full right now and I'm pretty convinced he's planning on some major changes in his life and he's gonna need some space to think on that, and second (?) as much as I understand where my mom's coming from, I do so only in an intellectual level.

Thing is, the step-dad's family has the entirely wrong idea about where he stands financially, they seem to think his connection to us (who are traveling somewhat constantly) speaks about his wallet's depth, which it doesn't. And mom has been put, several times, in the position of calling up on her marriage and Sophia to keep them in line (or at bay, as I think is more the case) and this is no way to live. I see this. But I'm also of the mind that your mother-in-law should know her son is in a tight spot (granted, I might be taking the case a little too far, but her eldest did die of cancer herself, so I'm thinking she might wanna know), and ultimately, if you don't want the greedier elements to step in, you'd be very diplomatic and cover your bases with your verbalization, but you'd still tell them because they have the right to know, and this is the crux of it for me, not only does the family deserve to know, the man in question might actually need to feel supported by his loved ones (and yes we were there, I even held his hand while he was getting his TAC scan, but still, I'm not his mother or his sister so it's not really the same) and my mother seems to have taken that away from him for what are, essentially, petty reasons.

It is also entirely too possible that she had more, or even other, reasons to act the way she did and such reasons are either need to know material, or none of my business at all, but still, it makes me slightly queasy that my mother has behaved the way she has.

Anyway, this post seems to have gotten out of hand and I'm not sure I even had a point coming in here at all, but this stuff needed to get out of my chest. Now it's out there and I don't feel like choking on some dark secret anymore... yeah, my reasons aren't so noble either, I know.

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OMG,  so tired. My aunt's in town and the little sister tagged along, end result: it's not all fun and games. School, work, family and the entire damn world are kind of hard to juggle, but I've managed. At the expense of my writing and every other possible artistic outlet but I've managed.

Also, my aunt is totally one of those people who are in absolute denial of introversion. It's painful, and I love her something fierce, but breathing room is also very much beloved! If I have to tell her one more time that no, nothing's wrong, I'm fine and no, am not depressed, I'm just quiet, I will lose my faith in my abilities as a communicator (not that there were many to begin with, mind)

Okay, signing off now. Keep up the hyperactivity flist, it's awesome going back five pages for every two days I'm gone! /passive-aggressiveness.

::goes to bed::
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After expending the entire day freezing my ass off sorta babysitting for the neighbor, I come home and call my sister, it seemed like the thing to do, you know?

Much conversation is had and when the well of "all the things I've done with my winter break" runs dry this exchange follows:

S: So, anything interesting happened to you today?
Me:... I stubbed my toe?
S: (with all the wisdom of a ten-year-old) You're so silly sometimes. I meant something really interesting. And cool.
Me: (getting it) Oh, right, like all the interesting and cool things that constantly happen to you. Is it? Well?
S: Um, don't tell Dad yet, but I joined a rock band.
Me:Wow. I stubbed my toe.

I'm old, y'all! While my ten-year-old sister is out there, running around in her colorful parka and her rock band membership, I'm home early, stubbing my toe. ::headdesk::


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