Feb. 15th, 2010 09:31 am
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Dropping by to inform you that:

a) I've spent the entire weekend reading Arthur/Gwen fics because I loves them and tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to stuff I love. Also they're lovely and there is some seriously good fic out there wherein Morgana is not taken away because Merlin never tried to kill her because she knew she was magic for a long while and she also knew he was magic as well andthenmostofthecrappypartsofseries2DIDNOTOCCURASSUCH. Awesomecakes.

b) I'm no longer in a committed relationship with my cat because my apartment building's policies changed and since I don't have a balcony I don't get to have a pet. Many tears were shed, many bad words were uttered and many brick walls were hit by my forehead. End result? I had to give Einstein away and it broke my effing soul. Like, I kept crying at random moments between A/G fics. It's awful.

c) My friend has become a thirteen year old boy obsessed with becoming a rocks star or something because out of thin air, she's decided that owning an amplifier will make her life. I do not get this reasoning but she came bearing ice cream and Orlando Bloom movies to ease my pain and so, I care not for the general lack of sense-making of her need for an amplifier.

d) School sort of starts today. At 18.00 hrs. Because Monday night is the bestest time to kick start a new semester, school. Keep up the utterly counterintuitive work.

e) Wow, I'm bitter today. Which is why I'm gonna go drink my sorrows away watch some more A/G vids on YT, I need the cute/lovely/awesome they bring.

f) I'm also considering changing this icon here for an A/G one (my theme, guys, sense it!) but then, it's Alec/Max!!!! this is hard.


Jun. 5th, 2009 02:44 pm
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here at zacharyquinto.com

Um. How come this picture has me so over the moon? It's like a supernova going off in my face right now, for reasons I don't care to delve deeper into unknown to me I can' t stop grinning.

I think this makes up for Einstein's utter fail at holding up his end of a quantum mechanics conversation. But then, I'm not very good at that either. Also? wth, brain? Is it wrong of me to want to find the link between quantum physics and human psychology? if for no other reason that not feel like I missed the target with the career choosing thingy.


Baked a cake the other day, and it wasn't until I tasted it's saltiness that I realized the sugar hadn't even been measured out to begin with... I continue to win at life, as you can tell.

Also? and probably the entire point of this post, aside from the Quinto-Obama appreciation bit where's Cas? Cas, where are you? I MISS OUR PROFOUNDLY INTELLECTUAL AND METAPHYSICAL CONVERSATIONS, WOMAN. I CAN HAS MY BARACKLES NAO? kthkz

I'll just be here, living vicariously through movie stars for a little while, if anybody needs me.

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Earlier this morning Einstein tried to jump onto my lap but slipped, in order to avoid hitting the floor in a harmless undignified heap he clung to my arm, after sound cussing and much pain, I wound up with some vaguely questionable-looking scratches on my forearm. Which in and of itself isn't such a remarkable occurrence considering that, well, I have a cat.


I also have a tendency to clumsiness and I'm prone to accidents like cutting my thumb while chopping veggies or something along those lines. Again, nothing note worthy that doesn't happen to everybody and their mamas. I do, however, have this job where I've been seen crying and where people like to assume things out of freaking thin air. Like this mother who came to bring cake for the kiddies and upon looking at the wounds wells scratches on my arm decided to go to the counselor and ask her to see me, the counselor then proceeded to ask about my life, my boyfriend, my career, my family, my potty training everything she could think of to make sure that I was not cutting myself.


I mean, it's understandable, my boyfriend works at a copy shop, my family is spread thing along the entire continent, I'm studying psychology (the forgotten, weaker, lamer cousin twice removed of any kind of natural science) in a university known for it's outstanding (ish) business school, clearly it's gotta be so sad and depressing being me. Clearly self-harm is the natural conclusion.

I wonder what would have happened had I attempted to hide the scratches, or hey, if I didn't have pictures of my cat all over the place in my cellphone. Might have gotten institutionalized right then and there.

Fortunately the counselor saw things for what they were (classicist paranoia, mostly) and let me off the hook. Things were then improved further when checking the flist and finding lovely things such as [livejournal.com profile] winterlive  making people happy out of the goodness of her heart,  Mr POTUS and Mr VPOTUS being kind of awesome (as usual) and, oh yeah, this.

Comments owed and emails to reply to will have to wait until I've showered. Please, before you leave, do take a moment of your time to love on my new icon, thank you.

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Two things: that I took away from this episode )

Kitty pics tonight. ::sticks tongue out at Mousey::


Mar. 15th, 2009 10:01 pm
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Cat training. I know a lot of youses have cats and I'd like to know what are the appropriate ways of telling them "No" and have them heed that no. And rewards, which are the ones that send the message.

Google told me that you have to be careful with the punishments because they can take it to mean that it's a game. And no, it isn't. He's litter trained already, which I think stole the experience from me, but saved my wood floor, so it evens out, I just wanna make sure I teach him not to hang himself from the curtains, or scratch the furniture while he's still young and impressionable and fresh.

Um. Need to get him some toys, he loves the crumpled pieces of paper I've improvised, but I'm guessing that will only go so far before he thinks that every crumpled piece of paper is a toy, bad assumption to make when you're living with me.

Ideas? I'm all ears. Or eyes.

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With the arrival of the new member of my now-two-members family (joking! The Teddy bear makes three), I've been de-cluttering everything I can find, for both his safety and my comfort.

Now, do you know what I found? My desktop. It's messy. All those icons I never use, and then there are the files, My Documents is kinda scary at the moment. So I was wondering about online storage. I figure it'd do me some good to get rid of all the files that no longer served a purpose, but there are some that I don't want to throw away, but nor do I want them around clogging up my hard drive. Seeing as how life presented me with this humongous dilemma, I took a break to go watch my baby play with his blanket (awww) and it occurred to me, out of sight doesn't neccesarily mean out of mind, or existence as the case may be.

I've heard it's quite common to store personal files in the internet, and while I could toss myself at the merciless hands of the Highway and surf through Google and possibly even Yahoo!, I'd still like some advice from the hive. Got any to spare?

In the meantime, my kitty continues to be a heartbreaker, unearthing dust bunnies from under the bed, the couch. From behind the bookshelf. From inside the bookshelf. Yeah, de-cluttering. I'm told it's very Zen, this whole process.


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