Feb. 15th, 2010


Feb. 15th, 2010 09:31 am
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Dropping by to inform you that:

a) I've spent the entire weekend reading Arthur/Gwen fics because I loves them and tend to be a bit obsessive when it comes to stuff I love. Also they're lovely and there is some seriously good fic out there wherein Morgana is not taken away because Merlin never tried to kill her because she knew she was magic for a long while and she also knew he was magic as well andthenmostofthecrappypartsofseries2DIDNOTOCCURASSUCH. Awesomecakes.

b) I'm no longer in a committed relationship with my cat because my apartment building's policies changed and since I don't have a balcony I don't get to have a pet. Many tears were shed, many bad words were uttered and many brick walls were hit by my forehead. End result? I had to give Einstein away and it broke my effing soul. Like, I kept crying at random moments between A/G fics. It's awful.

c) My friend has become a thirteen year old boy obsessed with becoming a rocks star or something because out of thin air, she's decided that owning an amplifier will make her life. I do not get this reasoning but she came bearing ice cream and Orlando Bloom movies to ease my pain and so, I care not for the general lack of sense-making of her need for an amplifier.

d) School sort of starts today. At 18.00 hrs. Because Monday night is the bestest time to kick start a new semester, school. Keep up the utterly counterintuitive work.

e) Wow, I'm bitter today. Which is why I'm gonna go drink my sorrows away watch some more A/G vids on YT, I need the cute/lovely/awesome they bring.

f) I'm also considering changing this icon here for an A/G one (my theme, guys, sense it!) but then, it's Alec/Max!!!! this is hard.


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