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Mar. 25th, 2012 12:00 pm
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whomever was that recced me Murder by Death, please know that I am so grateful for your kindness. You have made my life such a nicer place.

Also? I kinda wish I remembered who you are...

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I miss my cat. Like whoa.

But, Blues Traveler has the power to make things better apparently.

::misses her cat::
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Foucault. He's like, everything I ever dreamed of finding in a songwriter. Seriously.

This man can do things with his songs. It's like bottled emotions, the way he takes words and makes them mean something, I am in awe of this ability of his. There's this certain frailty to his music, such simple sounds yet such complicated feelings, it's all so raw like a tender wound, and it's deep and precious. An underlying melancholy that makes things so much more intense, so much more human and reachable, even if the meaning isn't always within immediate reach.

It's perfect. At least today.

Secretariat is one those songs that rapidly became a personal classic and every time I go back to it, it touches and it's so good. Sucker punch made love song.
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Because I love y'all so much. And because I'm in a sharing kind of mood. But mostly because I'm cold and insomniac.

Jack Johnson - Cookie Jar.
I love the juxtaposition of the innocence of a cookie jar with the subject treated. It's very unexpected, yet perfectly matched when you get all the nuances involved. Great, great song.

Jack Johnson - Same Girl.
I usually judge a song-writer's skill by their love songs. With this one Jack Johnson makes it to my Privileged Few list.


Down time

Jun. 13th, 2007 03:54 pm
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The other night I was kinda creative, so attempted some drawings. I'm quite pleased with what came out, actually, which is nine kinds of awesome considering that for all of five months or so, I hadn't been able to draw something I liked.

The first one is a flower, don't know what kind of, though. The girl is a failed copy of this Kurt Hasley failed because it's not exactly the same, I think at some point I messed up, and ended up giving it my own twist, I really don't care because I love her, in fact I think I should name her ::ponders::

This link is for curious people.

In other news, Wilco is made of sunshine and puppies and I'm absolutely in love with Jesus, etc. just because. So go, listen and adore.

School remains an absolute attention-whore, but what can I do? It's a habit I must enable. Sad, I know. 

This all. School's calling for me again, and really, the novelty and thrill are gone.

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Last night I was feeling kind of left aside, or better said ignored, by my family... Mousey can bare witness.

Then the best friend called and told me to get dressed, we were going out to our usual spot. That spot being this tiny little bar, west of here, where they have live music all the time, and often enough is good music, mind you.
So there we go and to my great and utterly pleasant surprise, they were having a Nina Simone night! 

It was absolutely beautiful and I might actually love the best friend a bit more this morning. 

The people that performed last night were perfectly brilliant, even those that only did a correct performance and took no risks with their versions of the songs. It was such an homage, I was honored to be there (I kid you not) because those folks put their hearts and souls up there in that stage for us to see and hear and enjoy, and that we did.

My family is still unrepentantly ignoring my cries for attention, but at this point I'm not really caring because my soul feels so much lighter and I can't stop humming "Feeling Good". Oh, may God bless Jazz and the people that love it.
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Clearly a bored Paola is a dangerous creature. Today I had nothing of transcendental importance to do, so, of course, I did everything that needed to be done. Go me, I guess.

Changed my LJ, as you can see. It's lighter now, I like it better than before. This process also allowed me to realize how much I like purple. I tried to get rid of all traces of purple, but couldn't do it. It was an almost physical pain. O.o

Also, Schuyler Fisk is awesome. She deserves to be pimped. So consider this little commentary my version of rampant pimping. ::nods:: specially "Songs That Say Goodbye" is a jewel. So, go listen to it and let me know what you think Okay? Okay.

Bye now, I'm not done with the doing. Heh.
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So, thanks to [profile] dazedizzy  I've spent the entire day listening to Josh Groban, and I don't mind, but the roommate has decided to take things onto her hands and now has the tv at top volume... it won't be long before some neighbor comes knocking on our door, asking us to grow up.

Also, I need some book recs, because I've been reading nothing but "Chapter House" and university's related material. I am BORED, don't get me wrong, I LOVE DUNE, but I need something else, before I start hating it... any rec?

My cousin called to tell me she crashed my car, but that I should not be worried, the other guy was kinda drunk so he'd pay for the fixings, what she conveniently neglected to mention was what kind of fixings were required. And please notice she said "fixings", plural, at least more than one. Plural can't be too good...

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Yep, professor forgot to drop by again, which means that I'm stuck in this classroom until gods know when, because even though the guy called to say he wasn't gonna make it, we can't leave until the first period is over or else we're all getting notes on our life-charts

::shakes head::

Also, I just realized that things are going way  too good for me these days, well I'm still missing Evan like whoa, but other than that... I'm getting job offers, my project keeps on rolling, I actually got around to sit down and get some study done, I'm writing (I even got a beta for the most pressing fic at the moment, some M/A porn that will get posted, even if it kills me)... hmmm something's gonna happen.

Not to be pesimist, is just that I have been screwed over by life in the past, like royally screwed. So its only natural that I get skittish over these days events.

nd on a side note, "Paperweitgh" by Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk, when mixed with "Storm" by Lifehouse and "Secret Smile" by Semisonic is.. very indie actually, but no, I digress. These three songs, when mixed together in repeat, are a good inspiration when writing porn, it makes it all sweet... kinda.
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Yesterday in the middle of the family's TV-time, the Best Friend pops his head through the window and grins at me. My grandpa starts making not so innocent comments about the possible nature of a visit at such an hour (it was eight, but he's old fashioned, what can I do?), so sensing the air shift that indicated the growing need to show to the BF the family's collection of shotguns in a unkindly way, I stepped out to find out what form of torture was he to impose on me this time around... a CD as it turns out to be.

But not a bad one, actually he brought it as a peace offering. Since I've been bitchy and snappy at him since the HTML adventure, he decided he would not wait until things escalated and we ended up not talking to each other at all. The aforementioned peace offering is "A Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars, which means that the BF is automatically forgiven for any past mishaps. Unfortunately it only grants him that, the greedy boy was hoping it would allow him some leeway in the near future, but of course in order to get that he would have gotten me, mm… I don’t know, "V for Vendetta" he knows I've been pinning for that DVD for a while now, but apparently I'm not the only one incapable of dragging my ass to buy it. I know, its mean from me, but its my prerogative, he was mean to me too!

So thought I'd let ya know the highlight first. On the other hand, today I HAVE to go talk to the resident asshole (remember the idiot that nearly fried my laptop?) because my Photoshop ain’t working and I've been stuck with PhotoImpact, which isn’t so bad in itself, but it isn't PSP either, and that is a bad thing. I shoulda known last night, things were about to get ugly... I mean for such a sweet thing as a peace offering to come my way? The universe has got to have nasty plans for me, or else things would go unbalanced and we cannot have that, now can we universe?

That said, I’m off to make some phone calls... I need my dad to explain to me again why I'm not supposed to go killing people, no matter how much I want to ::sight::

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So had this Kane's CD fall on my lap, and I kinda like it. Nice raspy voice there, the music itself isn't bad. Haven't really paid a whole lot of attention to the lyrics, so will have to get back to ya on that one.

Also, John Mayer continues hold his iron grip over my musical heart. I can't wait to get back to my place, where no mother can tell she's sick of the guy, and I can treat my obsession properly. It deserves it.

Been reading some high quality fics, so I'm a regular sunshine at the moment. Too bad no one's here to see it ::sight:: anywho, best fic of the day?


[profile] dazedizzy's "The Things We Carry" Awesome Dean, really good piece. Also got a very healthy dose of Max/Alec porn, and yeah, sun does seem kinda brighter.

My muse has decided to dose me with ideas, very small, very selected doses, that come along in the most inappropriate times, like the shower, or the car, but hey at least she's, y'know, doing her work a little. There's still hope for me, though the cry for help is still out there.
I even have some more SPN thoughts; guess those will come out when they make sense, or something like it.


That’s all for now… hopefully my life will get a little more interesting before the next entry.

EDIT: its "The Things They Carried" God I can't even pimp a fic properly...

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Taking a break from bitching at the best friend and decided that in moments like these, Dean is therapeutic. So, went to watch some Supernatural and in the middle of Phantom Traveler (yes I laugh at Dean’s fear of flying) I’m gleefully reminded that this show has the best soundtrack ever. Period. 

There I am, minding someone else’s business, namely Best Friend’s business, and there it is, the Blue’s Brothers scene, where Dean’s bitching about the suit and all I can think of is how cool it is that Black Sabbath’s Paranoid is in the back, because I used to hum that song in math finals!

So the whole point to this post (other than pissing off the computer buddy) was to say that SPN rocks my socks off for more reasons than I can explain, and just when I thought I had it all figured out, something new jumps and I’m left amazed by the ragging awesomeness of this show. That said, I’m off to watch some more Dean, before I kill somebody, because contingency plans for that kind of events were all planned with the deceased wannabe and so, I’ll have no alibi or anything at all to save my ass on some level, thus the assassination cannot take place anytime soon. Damn!


Hey, maybe I could commission Dean and Sam to hunt him down and exorcise him a little… there’s a thought, hmmm.

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Back in business after the massive nervous breakdown my laptop underwent, courtesy to an ass who claimed to be the grandpa’s long lost ilegit, and also claimed to be a computer technician claiming to have discovered a Trojan in my baby. A Trojan I KNEW wasn’t there, but hey, the guy could be my uncle so, let’s give him a chance, says my not-so-wise aunt Now I understand about giving chances, I do, but not with my most precious possession!!!!! So yeah, my aunt and I aren’t really talking until she admits the guy played us and CHARGED for it

::shakes head::

That said, I just wanted to make it known that I have developed an obsession, yeah big surprise there huh? With this John Mayer guy, ever heard of him? He’s real cool I mean, like fo’ real!

Great lyrics and beautiful voice. What more can one ask?

Story goes somewhat like this, my sister decided she had to give me a Christmas present now, because she didn’t give me anything when Christmas actually happened, and she knows I love blues and Jazz and all that, so she took the liberty to ask the clerk in this shitty store, what of that was sounding nowadays, and the kid sold her an album that really had NOTHING to do with what she asked for, but it did have Gravity and man I was bouncing with the purest of joys! Its beautiful and deep and soft and fucking touching! Sad part is I’ve heard it only once so far, yeah she took the CD ‘cuz that’s Sophie for ya. Now I’m on a quest to get more of his music, haven’t been extremely successful, but in this town I coulda done a lot worse. 

So for good intended gifts that didn’t quite achieve the expected goal, but didn’t fall entirely flat either, and the purest serendipity that led me to this amazing discovery, I raise my glass. 

Also, [personal profile] cherryscott I should let you know that I finally got around to hear 9 Crimes and it broke my little breakable heart. Its so, so sad. I’m off to read the fic with the song in the background and possibly let you know what that felt like. 

All in all? I’m a happy camper. Not even having to pay to the family’s new found asshole for damaging my laptop could bring me down now, life’s looking up people!!! ‘Cause John Mayer and Damien Rice can make the long walk worth it.


Speaking of John Mayer, any recommendations? I’m all ears :D


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