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Does anybody know about a good McManus/Winchester fic? I'll read anything that does not include incest, because srsly, I am so done with Wincest or any other version of incest. Dudes there are other people in the world, and they are all willing and able, ya know?.

So, question is, can anybody point me in the direction of some Boondock Saints/Supernatural crossover? Because that AU would be awesome! As in a AU-that-I-am-not-writing awesome.

Also, I read this fic a while ago. Yeah, I know, shocking revelation that one. Anyway, this particular fic was a Firefly/Supernatural crossover, wherein Sam and River were kindasortof in love, or something like that and Sam was feeling guilty as all hell, because well, River's weird and all that. It featured Dean in the role of The General Leading the Defending Troops in the battle for survival during the Apocalypse (that River brought on, just to get Dean to get his ass in gear and start doing what he was supposed to be doing) represented by zombies/reavers that didn't lay down, because they never lay down. There was also some Gunn (Oh Gunn, I love you so much) and that's about all I got to read before my internet connection crashed down and I lost the LJ's account name.... 
Ring any bell? Because it was fantastic, marvelous, wondrous and dark, so freaking dark folks. Great narrative style and awesome original idea, I mean when I left, it was Firefly/Supernatural/AtS... so far. And it fit. Every piece, every character made so much sense! I wanna find it again.

So, McMannus/Winchester? Firefly/Supernatural/AtS? Anybody?


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