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Dear Fandom:

It has come to my attention that a whole lot of people, in a whole lot of occasions, toss around the phrase "I want my show back, you know, the one about two brothers on a road trip" the italicized text is mine and does not reflect the exact wording of anything I've read, it does however reflect the sentiment. Which is where my puzzled face comes into play, because this is what I don't get, what do you mean by this? What is it that you see it's missing? Was it ever there or is it more something along the lines of: "this is what I'd like to see happen"?

I am honestly curious.

Love, Confused Girl.

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As I sit here, in caffeinated expectation until it's nine o'clock and the world starts spinning around these parts again, it hits me: other than institutionalized mental patients, their somewhat annoying psychiatrist and his (rather lovable) student, and the people I've conned into letting me interview them, I have no social life.

This is why I did not go to med school (aside of the insides-sighting part, of course), I wanted to be able to still, like, talk to people. As in people who did not honestly believe the Queen of England is masquerading in their basement as a rat, which is obviously part of a plan for world domination. Obviously.

Man, even my bf is someone from school/work. Jesus. H. Christ. Dear flist, please to remain awesome. Thank you.

And in the matter of the flist being awesome. I have a rec. Nosce te ipsum by [personal profile] rei_c  is truly an outstanding work of creativity. The style is impeccable and the basic premise is more than a little enticing. What if the Greek Empire had not been defeated, what then? It's RPS but there's no actual slash, pre-slash I think, but it's open enough that if you're not into that kind of thing, you'll still love it because of how true it rings. Jensen is Jensen-ish and Jared is accurately Jared-ish. And then there are secondary characters that have lives and an entire universe that makes things so utupian I found myself wishing this society did actually exist just so I could go gorge myself on their history books and philosophers' views. Seriously, do yourselves a big ol' favor and read it.

I shall go back now, to the flower boy's attempts at changing my worldview on modern medicine. Little boy don't learn.
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This one is SO cool. It's Supernatural a la Sin City, or Sin City's trailer to Supernatural's characters. Really cool. I kinda want an episode with this format now. Maybe some sort of hallucination or some weird... something.

Supernatural trailer in style of Sin City.

There is some serious brain-power in this fandom, me thinks.


Sep. 21st, 2007 09:00 pm
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You have got to go check this video, it's a Supernatural montage to Hell Bells and it rocks like only Supernatural can.

This is why I love this show, this stuff just works with it, and it makes me happy in my heart and brain. 

The initial voice over just killed me dead. Seriously.

October? Where are you?

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Okay, so the man is wearing pink... and I'd still do him.

And then, there's this article. Very readable, extremely spoilery, so if you're not like me and wish to stay unspoiled, don't click.
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OMG!!! Awesome! PWT S3 Premiere rocked my socks off. My tummy hurts from so much laughter.

It has everything a good ep should have, crazy asshole-y villains that speak about themselves in the third person, much crack on the world and everything in it. Oh! and the debut of a certain cool dude as the helpful Victim of the Week!. Seriously, you wanna go watch the ep, if only to find out who the guest star is.

Snark, brotherly love, freaked out Sam, confused Dean and the completely and utterly rocking presence of the outstanding Guest Star.

Also? I could swear I heard fireworks. I miss home.
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PWT? Freakin' awesome. Like, fantastic. As in, amazing. I mean that to sound like OMG He Who Must Not Be Named!  ::insert hysterical laughter here:: 
Best Crack in the history of cracktastic crack.

Oh, Lord. My eyes are still teary. Boy did I need that!
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Does anybody know about a good McManus/Winchester fic? I'll read anything that does not include incest, because srsly, I am so done with Wincest or any other version of incest. Dudes there are other people in the world, and they are all willing and able, ya know?.

So, question is, can anybody point me in the direction of some Boondock Saints/Supernatural crossover? Because that AU would be awesome! As in a AU-that-I-am-not-writing awesome.

Also, I read this fic a while ago. Yeah, I know, shocking revelation that one. Anyway, this particular fic was a Firefly/Supernatural crossover, wherein Sam and River were kindasortof in love, or something like that and Sam was feeling guilty as all hell, because well, River's weird and all that. It featured Dean in the role of The General Leading the Defending Troops in the battle for survival during the Apocalypse (that River brought on, just to get Dean to get his ass in gear and start doing what he was supposed to be doing) represented by zombies/reavers that didn't lay down, because they never lay down. There was also some Gunn (Oh Gunn, I love you so much) and that's about all I got to read before my internet connection crashed down and I lost the LJ's account name.... 
Ring any bell? Because it was fantastic, marvelous, wondrous and dark, so freaking dark folks. Great narrative style and awesome original idea, I mean when I left, it was Firefly/Supernatural/AtS... so far. And it fit. Every piece, every character made so much sense! I wanna find it again.

So, McMannus/Winchester? Firefly/Supernatural/AtS? Anybody?
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Oh btw, [profile] anteka has updated her Dean's Emotional State and the Condition of the Impala PicSpam
Born Under a Bad Sign and Tall Tales have been added, so go check it out.
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To all Sam/Jo fans out there:

You need to read this: Five states, six calls, no emo allowed 1/1 (supernatural)  by [personal profile] medie
Btw, this is really not in-class reading material...
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So two things:
First, I have to tell y'all that this is totally worth checking out.

Second: More drool bucket for those of you who enjoy it as much as I do. Today we'll let Orlando Bloom water our mouths... or mine at least.
Still looking for that JAlba pic, not being overwhelmingly successful.

This way )

There. Gotta go check if my professor decided to drop by and actually earn his pay-check.        


Feb. 5th, 2007 01:43 am
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Ok so this is shameless pimping and the hard evidence of my levels of… fangirliness… whatever.

I found this picspasms today and decided that the world needs to learn from this example, so I give thee: TEH Supernatural PicSpam

Also? I can't fall asleep, and let me count the many ways that sucks! I have things to do in the morning, early at that. URG! Amma read some real boring book or something... its killing me. But then again, had I not been suffering from insomnia, I wouldn't have seen this awesome PicSpam...

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So had this Kane's CD fall on my lap, and I kinda like it. Nice raspy voice there, the music itself isn't bad. Haven't really paid a whole lot of attention to the lyrics, so will have to get back to ya on that one.

Also, John Mayer continues hold his iron grip over my musical heart. I can't wait to get back to my place, where no mother can tell she's sick of the guy, and I can treat my obsession properly. It deserves it.

Been reading some high quality fics, so I'm a regular sunshine at the moment. Too bad no one's here to see it ::sight:: anywho, best fic of the day?


[profile] dazedizzy's "The Things We Carry" Awesome Dean, really good piece. Also got a very healthy dose of Max/Alec porn, and yeah, sun does seem kinda brighter.

My muse has decided to dose me with ideas, very small, very selected doses, that come along in the most inappropriate times, like the shower, or the car, but hey at least she's, y'know, doing her work a little. There's still hope for me, though the cry for help is still out there.
I even have some more SPN thoughts; guess those will come out when they make sense, or something like it.


That’s all for now… hopefully my life will get a little more interesting before the next entry.

EDIT: its "The Things They Carried" God I can't even pimp a fic properly...


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