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~ On Wednesday I was deeply and profoundly grateful for Inception. I don't think I need to explain this.

~ On Tuesday I thanked my lucky starts that the groceries store opened early enough for me to go un-empty my fridge before school. And for lattes.

~ Today I'm ever so grateful to the person who called Bradley James a Lust Muffin. To his face. Uh, careful with that link, it's an interview and it's spolery as only Merlin folk know how to be. Still. Lust. Muffin. Man, I'd've paid gold to see Angel's face to that one (she was there as well).

I have a headache. I've had a headache for the better (or would that be the worse) part of the day, my stomach's been upset for the same amount of time. I want this bastard to go away before I go to bed, mostly because I won't be able to actually go to bed for realsies until the headache is gone. Please brain, stop acting out, thanks.

ETA: Found this link to the above mentioned Lust Muffin thing (it's now stuck in my head with capitals, yes). No spoilers other than Bradley's observational skills.


Jul. 4th, 2010 09:01 am
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I've spent the second half of this week with my mental calendar on one day behind. So technically, to me, today is Saturday.

This, of course, explains how come the school next door did not have class yesterday. It's like I live under a rock or something...
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So, it's just hit me, and entire season has gone by without me publicizing to the internets how squeeful I get whenever Eleven is on my screen.

Shame on me.

let's rectify that )

Ahem, yes. Today should be interesting. England at 11 am (heee Eleven, should I take this as a sign?) local time and then Argentina at 15.30. Seems like this Sunday is shaping up to be a Very Emotional Day for me.

Things what I've been doing: counting how many books I've read so far this year. Grand total: 47. Idek. Apparently I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE. School books not included, which is sad. So, recs to come because some of them have been truly outstanding.
Uh, disclaimer: not all of these were door stoppers, guys. Some where very short (ish) and in ebook format which makes reading them while eating and ignoring the phone rather easier. Also I have four forty-five minutes long bus rides to clock in every day so... there's the time.

Also, also, also, THANK YOU [livejournal.com profile] jamesinboots  MY SOCCER BALL IS TRES AWESOME AND I SORT OF STARED AT IT FOR A WHILE BECAUSE WHEN I LOVE I GET CREEPY. Apparently.

Wow, I'm posting...
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Just spoke on the phone with Jay, here's what he has to say for himself:

J: So, good news.
Me: shoot.
J: I don't really have to read or speak keysmash in order to live in Wales. How awesome is that?
Me: very awesome. What's the grandma say?
J: that she'll lock me up with some folk she knows, then I'll really know pain or some such.
Me: Ah, good ol' grandma.

So, yeah. That happened. Also, it'll be no time before he starts cussing in Welsh, wouldn't dare call him my brother ever again if I don't get evidence of this progress sometime next phone call...
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No, I'm putting one up, just curious about how would that work.

I had this dream, right? and it's in total keeping with the alphabetized playlist on that highly improbable wedding I mentioned earlier. Remember?

Except. This time it involved a profoundly intellectual conversation with Mohinder Suresh about how "swine", "swoon" and "swan" had the same root origin and thus were likely to be actual conjugations of the same verb. This, of course, was supported by the linguistic knowledge I have accumulated throughout my years of speaking English... and also my interest in convincing him that getting me in the same room with Spock would constitute a great service to humanity (and Vulcans as well, clearly).

Seriously, do you not agree events like this should be mentioned in whatever form of self-advertising I might see myself forced to partake in?

P.S.: I have a new favorite word: spaghettification. I'm gonna go now and dream up some wildly hilarious interesting scenarios in which this term can get tossed around, all the while being acutely aware of how it actually does get tossed around in some highly intellectual circles. I LOVE PHYSICISTS. (also, LJ spell check recognizes it ::loves::)

meme stuff

Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:02 pm
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Your result for Which Philosopher Are You?...



You are the modern thinker. You are skeptic of the metaphysical, but do not count out any ideas. You are somewhat cynical of mankind and examine the institutions of today. You may even consider solipcism. Examples of your style include: Hobbes & Descartes

Take Which Philosopher Are You? at HelloQuizzy

Let's anylise how this result kind of, sort of clashes with the previous one, shall we? ::is amused::

Wait. There's more )

Jesus. H.

Oct. 20th, 2008 06:18 am
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I just named a plant after Tom Welling...

Danners is to be held personally responsible for this.

Have a nice day.

Love, me.


Aug. 26th, 2007 08:07 am
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Just had this odd dream wherein Tara (Buffy's Willow's Tara) comforted Dean (Winchester, duh) upon his returning home after a hunt. And in my dream, it totally made sense that Tara was sleeping in Dean's childhood bed because, for some reason, she was camping out in his house (which wasn't in Lawrence. Heresy, I know) while some other TV shows' assorted witches made some sort of hunter-on-the-making training camp on his backyard.

So anyway, point was: Dean walks into his room, utterly exhausted and looking kinda crest-fallen, Tara closes the little "Dear Diary" formatted book she's writing on and looks at him, puts a hand on his shoulder (somehow their positions reverse without previously informing me. (Rude of them, btw.) And now he' s sitting down by the desk, his back to her and she's standing behind him, a hand on his shoulder squeezing ever-so-slightly) and asks him if he wants her to leave him alone, Dean nods and she exits the room because she's such a good friend and is totally attuned to Dean's needs...

It amused me, upon waking up.
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I've been tagged and sort of tagged by [profile] roguemouse into this meme thing.
So here, for all the inquisitive minds wanting to know more about me


5 Things )

7 Things )

Holly.... that was exhausting!
 ETA: I'm tagging:  [profile] dazedizzy  ,  [personal profile] silver_spotted ,  [profile] mionemione  ,  [personal profile] trystan830   and  [profile] star_dancer54
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Its over. Officially. I'm back home and things... look just the way I left them, which is sad, really, because I left a mess when I left.

The grand highlights of The Trip O' Doom? My dad thinks cake is best served on the floor, my mon feels she's been left out of her children's lives since neither Jared nor I ever call her Momma anymore O.o. Sophie can't pronounce "photo phobic" because she has no idea what it means, same applies to "amnesty" and "persqueeter" (the later is also unknown to my parents as well, which makes me feel vaguely dirty. Also? is that how you spell it? And more importantly, where the HELL did she pick that one up?). The bro called mom for her birthday and the entire family paraded trough the phone in a total of seven minutes (they're five people over there), then Jared came back and asked to speak to me, somehow he managed to drag me along side him (for a grand total of 42 minutes) ino the heavily philosophical question of what sounds better: "Dick" or "Cock".... 

::headdesk/facepalm/eye roll::

And to my greater enjoyment of the moment, the mother happened to walk in on me when I was expressing my idea that for some unfathomable reason, I think "cock" has a better resonance to it. She just looked at me, and then said "And here I thought you were the smart one" 

::repeat all the previous actions:: 

Oh, also? Jared revived my all-time-favorite nickname. You can call me "Scout" now. It reminds me that while I am not the baby sister anymore, I remain his little sister. Okay, chik-flick moment over.

So there, that was my Easter Break (the gave us the whole week. Something's coming. School's never that nice to us) 
How 'bout you. How you doing?

Good lord!

Mar. 16th, 2007 10:42 pm
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So, my eight-years-old sister is talking to me on the phone and she's telling how there's this bully in her class that she just wishes she could "pump full of rock salt".... yeah, I love my sister so much. She doesn't understand half of what happens in SPN but still she'll watch, because Dean "amuses her" and sometimes reminds her of my usually annoyed snarky self. 

I think she has a crush on JA, which is weird because she hates boys, she's in that age where she hates them publicly and secretly, is writing in her diary how many babies she wants to have with the kid that sits in front of her in class. So what's weird is that she admits to be attracted by Jensen (a lot; her fav treat? his freckles, she's such a fangirl!) 

But you know, that's Jensen's superpower. The ability to bring women to his manly feet with a single glance. Which should totally freak me out, because my baby sister is only eight... what's gonna become of her when she's fifteen? Who's she gonna be swooning for then? 
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Clearly a bored Paola is a dangerous creature. Today I had nothing of transcendental importance to do, so, of course, I did everything that needed to be done. Go me, I guess.

Changed my LJ, as you can see. It's lighter now, I like it better than before. This process also allowed me to realize how much I like purple. I tried to get rid of all traces of purple, but couldn't do it. It was an almost physical pain. O.o

Also, Schuyler Fisk is awesome. She deserves to be pimped. So consider this little commentary my version of rampant pimping. ::nods:: specially "Songs That Say Goodbye" is a jewel. So, go listen to it and let me know what you think Okay? Okay.

Bye now, I'm not done with the doing. Heh.
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Today I met these twins, named Peter and Anna Jensen, if you put their last name first and go by their initials you’ll get: JP and JA. EK? A woman named Elena Karim from my hometown, whom I just remembered. This amuses me greatly.

Also, the best friend thinks I should explain my tags to people who are not me because they’re a bit confusing. Who else thinks that HE doesn’t get them? Do you get my tags?  

It has come to my attention that my randomness allows me to co-exist with my roommate, and thus is a great feature to have.

I got an offer from my former ballet instructor that I think I might have to turn down, even if it kills me to my un-timed dead. 

Got a bunch of comments to make, got two finals to deal with and zero desire to sit down and study for them, got three plot bunnies begging to be written and posted, mind you. Got legal issues to solve and also, some political rant to get into… and where exactly is the time in which I shall do all this? That is my Very Important Question of the Day.

And cappuccino? Rocks like a rocking thing, I tell ya. Again.


Before I go get my coffee, I’ll give you the lucky lady that somebody (with a very well educated sense of art) bought from my exhibition last month. Enjoy!

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I think I’m making this my motto, because really, it is all about the balance people.

So now I have my car back (apparently it hit him that it was better being seen with me instead of Jared), I don’t have my certificates, a lot of people now know my name, face, and a bunch of stories about my days in the national educational system, and Max has become a man to my eyes. Also Jared told me he’s cooking tomorrow so I’m off the hook! Now I just have to wait until the universe drops the other shoe on that one and we’ll see how that evens things out.

Like I said  Balance ladies and gents.

P.S.: I’m in the market for a Beta, because well, I need one. Any raised hands?



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