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Things to be grateful for:

Saturday: Green tea with a splash of orange juice. Smooth Heaven, I call it.

Sunday: William Gibson's Bridge Trilogy suddenly sneaking its way into my peripheral vision at a second-hand books store. No need to explain the wonderful hours I've spent basking in his ability to bullseye words and metaphors, now do I? Miss Molly Millionaire fiercely, but I'm making do.

Monday: I had this really crazy crossover idea while in the shower, as one does. It involves (wait for it...) Merlin and (wait some more...) Inception. Uther would be the Cobb-like character, naturally. Arthur would be the point man and general badass of surprising depths of competence (and emotion, him being him and all). Gwen would be the architect because she would so love the whole creation part, and she'd also be the heart of the team while remaining quietly badass in her own adorable mixture of fumbly unflappability (say that three times fast). Morgana would be the forger, and when Uther went to get her from wherever it is she took off to, he'd have to use Arthur's name because she's loyal to her (maybe) half-brother in a way she could never be to her (maybe not) father, because this particular relationship is seriously complicated and she'd rather do without. But Arthur is her bro and she'll fight the ocean if it seems to be encroaching on him ::has her very own cannon::. And Merlin, as Gaius' apprentice, would be the chemist who would also double as the wildcard (otherwise known as the tourist) who gets things done when all the others got their hands full, and as such is essential for the team's completeness.

I don't think I'll be writing this one, though. Or if I do, it won't be any time soon. Idek. Merlin's eating my brain. I also cooked up this one scenario where Greek mythology met Dune and converged on Merlin... I would get me a new distraction but season 3 is fast approaching and so it would be an exercise in futility. Oh, well.

Tuesday: This one, yes. This morning I woke up to find in my inbox the visual of Kat's fist knocking a certain asshole's lights out, which made my day very early. I suspect this will continue to provide glee for a long while, as these things go. Thank you Kat, ILU SO MUCH!

As well as I love very muchly the rest of the perfectly fantastic ladies who've made me disregard my 'oh shit!' moment upon realizing I'd forgotten to block the comments on that last post as I intended to. Screw that, y'all rock and make me smile so hard. Come now, group hug ::hugs you all::

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Yesterday I woke up to this Doctor/River shipper manifesto over at [livejournal.com profile] het_reccers. Which is wonderful and glittery, not to mention the fact that short fic means that I get to read each and every one of them before even heading out to face the world. Clearly the rest of my day was colored by the knowledge that this precious little gems existed and were, somehow, a part of my life now that I'd swam in those waters. Seriously. All of the recs in there are perfect, delicate things that sent my heart a-fluttering with their well-aimed punches to the gut. It's like having autumn for a second time in the same year.

Today, after watching Inception for a second time yesterday, I came looking for fic and remembered [livejournal.com profile] vinylroad  had written something which I'd mentally bookmarked in order to get to it after I'd seen the movie. Haven't read it yet, but mostly because I found a previous post of hers where there are, guess what, RECS OF FICS FOR PAIRINGS I SORT OF MADLY SHIP. So, there. Maybe today will be just as glorious (albeit in a different way, I guess, since I'll likely not be asking myself WWRSD, but WWAD [wherein 'A' stands for either Ariadne and/or Arthur, such versatility!], right?) as yesterday simply because I started with the right foot.

Bonus gratefulness for the chance to read Ursula K. LeGuin before bed last night and first thing in the morning today as I had my breakfast. GLORY, I say.

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Yesterday I was entirely too grateful (is there such a thing as too grateful?) for green apples, for they are tart, juicy, crunchy paradise, I am convinced. Yes.

Today I'm very, very grateful for holidays-I've-yet-to-memorize. Today, Monday, we're celebrating (one day ahead, mind) either the death or the birth of San Martin here in Argentina, I, being the awful little person I can be, have not actually bothered looking up which one exactly, nor have I bothered learning historical stuff of relevance about this country even though I've been consuming it's resources for about six years now.

All of this, however, does not prevent me from being grateful for the extra day of laziness. I think you'll agree.

P.S.: the death, we're celebrating his death. Or should that be honoring his death by not concerning ourselves with the vagaries of normal weekdays?

Also commas. I love commas and am always grateful for them.

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So, dear, lovely, awesome, unparalleled ladies of my flist I come here today to suck up to you ask you a very serious question of great import: what do you think a matriarchal society should have/be like/work like? Why? (okay, so two questions, then).

I'm sort of playing around with world-building sandboxes and this may never percolate into anything beyond a mental exercise, so be warned. However, isn't this a great mental exercise? (hint: it is)
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So, on the subject of Sherlock Holmes I have an issue/question/different point of view )

So, what gives? What was your experience in this respect?
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Was re-re-re-re-n-watching Star Trek, as one does, with some friends and one of them made a comment along the lines of Uhura getting in the way for the Spock-Kirk dynamics to fully develop. Like, properly. And, well, you can imagine how well that one went over with me.

I mean, if we're gonna snuff Uhura for being in the way of Kirk becoming the Ultimate One and Only Emotional Link Spock has left in the Entire Universe (be it utter BFFness, The Mother of All Slash Under the Sun or simple OTP), then shouldn't we, being fair, also snuff McCoy for the very same reason? It doesn't gel with me, how it can be flagged as a feminist statement that she's stronger standing alone in her island, while the other three are off enjoying each other's company.

Why can't she be the third wheel (because I'm keeping my focus on the Kirk-Spock side of things here) of a perfectly balanced tricycle? Better yet, why can we not turn that tricycle into a four-by-four truck fitted for every terrain and every possible circumstance?

Wouldn't that create better possibilities for growth for all parties involved? Why would some have to be diminished, stuffed in the background, or downright extracted from the equation for others to fully and properly develop to their maximum?

Please do note that these are heat-of-the-moment half-formed thoughts, and the only reason why I'm not saving this entry for when I have actually shaped things into a more fit for society form is because my time is very limited these days, and I know myself well enough when it comes to this type of things to know that if I don't get it out now, it will never see the light of day.

Mostly I'm airing thoughts. Do you have any input?
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Um, yeah. About that.

my conflicted emotions under the cut )

Anyway. Fair warning be given that I may come back and edit this post after a cool-headed re-watching of the episode. No telling when that'll be. Also, I'm tagging this show the four horsemen because, honestly, these four will be the end of me. And next week I better get a serious dose of Gwen, I missed her so hard here!

And I'm still studying, despite all the evidence to the contrary ::shifty eyes::
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For the last few eons lifetimes weeks I've been forced to college the frack out, so I do apologize for the inconvenient disappearing. Especially when there were these couple of mornings when my coffee was sweetened by the presence of several beautifully nomy-looking virtual snow flake cookies. Thank you to the lovely ladies who saw fit I had one, I hope the lateness of my gratitude is forgiven by the knowledge that you have pulled me through some seriously horrid days when my faith in humanity was painfully tried.

Still burning my eyelashes (and hand, that one sleepy morning with the kettle) over finals, but I thought the time was ripe for me to stop shying away from LJ and face my fear of not being able to let go after such a long time going practically without.

Gonna go now, gotta finish this chapter before I can start on the next, you see. God, I so want this to be over. Like, yesterday.

Love you lots, and lots (and lots). Again, thank you for lighting up my days!
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So. Spn. I hate to love you, I do. Sometimes.

and here I thought hope died last )

Clearly the last couple of episodes were really not all that interesting to me, from a story-telling viewpoint. I do think they were well crafted for the most part, though.
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I, as per usual, have mixed feelings about this season's premiere.

in case you're interested )

I did enjoy it. So, mostly love?

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Friend 1: so, you say you're a catholic, however you don't go to church or practice any kind of catholic rituals. That I know of.
Friend 2: Well, yeah, you can give me that look. Or you can see it as I do.
Me: How's that?
F2: I just don't let the religious part of my religious belief interfere with my religious belief.

Sometimes it does pay off to be only sober one around, man.

Also, to make up for my sorrowful lack of alcohol consumption, the bestie's been throwing Neuromancer references at me since I stepped into the apartment. I hearts him.


Aug. 24th, 2009 08:41 pm
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Okay. So, I only feel vaguely and partially bad for skipping school today (first days are never interesting, anyway) because I lost track of time reading this book I shall wax poetics about now:

Blindsight by Peter Watts has left me unable to form a coherent though that doesn't begin, end and mostly consist of oh, my God, this is pure genius. Complex setting and seemingly cheesy plot line mix and blend and twirl around each other to produce this exquisitely intricate and unpredictable treaty on human nature and how it traps us into humanity. It deals with ideas about intelligence, cognition, language...  ::loves::

When things started to get revealed, when theories were starting to take shape (not my theories, mind. They were sort of dead wrong. Or downright nonexistent, at times) things started clicking inside my head, I love how it explores all these concepts I've been engorging myself with for the last few years, ever since I learned about certain theories on the beginning/construction of the human animal as a political animal. I wish I'd have read this book before. Though maybe back then I wouldn't have had the tools (or patience) to think things through and find the core point that joins both ideas together.

Even if Psychology isn't something you're interested in, you should still read this book. It's science fiction at it's best. The style is bold and clean, hard science fiction melding with literary proficiency. The characters are so out there, so impossibly different to us that you can't help but relate, I guess this is one of those instances when the other's otherness calls to our own individuality. The story is woven and plotted in such a way that it's nearly impossible to cast predictions and expect them to be accurate.

It's simply brilliant. It depicts a background reality not so difficult to imagine. A (not so distant) future where society, apparently, has become everything we've been dreaming of becoming in a way, and it all seems as peachy as it gets, until it bites us in the ass. And doesn't unclench it's jaws.

Terrifying, incredibly original spin on the classic tale of first contact.

I'mma go and have some tea now. And feel really bad for skipping school.


Jun. 5th, 2009 02:44 pm
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here at zacharyquinto.com

Um. How come this picture has me so over the moon? It's like a supernova going off in my face right now, for reasons I don't care to delve deeper into unknown to me I can' t stop grinning.

I think this makes up for Einstein's utter fail at holding up his end of a quantum mechanics conversation. But then, I'm not very good at that either. Also? wth, brain? Is it wrong of me to want to find the link between quantum physics and human psychology? if for no other reason that not feel like I missed the target with the career choosing thingy.


Baked a cake the other day, and it wasn't until I tasted it's saltiness that I realized the sugar hadn't even been measured out to begin with... I continue to win at life, as you can tell.

Also? and probably the entire point of this post, aside from the Quinto-Obama appreciation bit where's Cas? Cas, where are you? I MISS OUR PROFOUNDLY INTELLECTUAL AND METAPHYSICAL CONVERSATIONS, WOMAN. I CAN HAS MY BARACKLES NAO? kthkz

I'll just be here, living vicariously through movie stars for a little while, if anybody needs me.

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No, I'm putting one up, just curious about how would that work.

I had this dream, right? and it's in total keeping with the alphabetized playlist on that highly improbable wedding I mentioned earlier. Remember?

Except. This time it involved a profoundly intellectual conversation with Mohinder Suresh about how "swine", "swoon" and "swan" had the same root origin and thus were likely to be actual conjugations of the same verb. This, of course, was supported by the linguistic knowledge I have accumulated throughout my years of speaking English... and also my interest in convincing him that getting me in the same room with Spock would constitute a great service to humanity (and Vulcans as well, clearly).

Seriously, do you not agree events like this should be mentioned in whatever form of self-advertising I might see myself forced to partake in?

P.S.: I have a new favorite word: spaghettification. I'm gonna go now and dream up some wildly hilarious interesting scenarios in which this term can get tossed around, all the while being acutely aware of how it actually does get tossed around in some highly intellectual circles. I LOVE PHYSICISTS. (also, LJ spell check recognizes it ::loves::)

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Comment and I will give you 3 fandoms and then you have to answer these questions.

1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?

2. Do you think that you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?

3. Favorite episodes/books/movies/etc.?

4. Do you participate in this fandom (fan fiction, graphics, discussions)?

5. Do you think that more people should get into this fandom?

Supernatural, Doctor Who and Firefly/Serenity )

Also? Is it wrong that I feel the utter need to read almost every singly book listed here?
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Earlier this morning Einstein tried to jump onto my lap but slipped, in order to avoid hitting the floor in a harmless undignified heap he clung to my arm, after sound cussing and much pain, I wound up with some vaguely questionable-looking scratches on my forearm. Which in and of itself isn't such a remarkable occurrence considering that, well, I have a cat.


I also have a tendency to clumsiness and I'm prone to accidents like cutting my thumb while chopping veggies or something along those lines. Again, nothing note worthy that doesn't happen to everybody and their mamas. I do, however, have this job where I've been seen crying and where people like to assume things out of freaking thin air. Like this mother who came to bring cake for the kiddies and upon looking at the wounds wells scratches on my arm decided to go to the counselor and ask her to see me, the counselor then proceeded to ask about my life, my boyfriend, my career, my family, my potty training everything she could think of to make sure that I was not cutting myself.


I mean, it's understandable, my boyfriend works at a copy shop, my family is spread thing along the entire continent, I'm studying psychology (the forgotten, weaker, lamer cousin twice removed of any kind of natural science) in a university known for it's outstanding (ish) business school, clearly it's gotta be so sad and depressing being me. Clearly self-harm is the natural conclusion.

I wonder what would have happened had I attempted to hide the scratches, or hey, if I didn't have pictures of my cat all over the place in my cellphone. Might have gotten institutionalized right then and there.

Fortunately the counselor saw things for what they were (classicist paranoia, mostly) and let me off the hook. Things were then improved further when checking the flist and finding lovely things such as [livejournal.com profile] winterlive  making people happy out of the goodness of her heart,  Mr POTUS and Mr VPOTUS being kind of awesome (as usual) and, oh yeah, this.

Comments owed and emails to reply to will have to wait until I've showered. Please, before you leave, do take a moment of your time to love on my new icon, thank you.

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Oh Dark Angel, I wish I knew how to quit choo.

Except. Not really.

See? the thing with this show is how the relationships played out, and my absolute belief that, eventually, Max would have grown into the high, high role her existence demanded she took. I do belief she needed to go through with Logan for a little while, stop with the moony eyes and longing sighs, get that ball rolling, I mean, when your OTP needs such contrivances as genetically designed viruses to keep them apart thus keeping the interest and mystery going, then you know you've got a problem because, as dramatic and romantic as it might seem, it only tells you that as soon as the lovebirds get together, things are gonna stop being so smooth and you're gonna have to face them with the reality of the fantasies they'd placed on each other and the relationship.

They both thought the other was gonna be their savior, Logan was in it because she seemed like the one who'd understand his devotion to doing the right thing, while Max was interested in the possibility of normal he offered. But realistically, how long could this have lasted? How many bridges would they be able to successfully build to transit across their differences? How many bridges would this require?

I do ship Max/Logan, but only in this capacity, as an experience they both need to go through in order to move on with their lives, grow through each other and finally, ft into where they belong. Which is not to say they are not meant to be together, they are similar enough to make that work, just not romantically. Methinks.

I also ship (hardcore) Max/Alec, and this is beyond my Alec/the rest of the world ship too. Mostly I think Max needs someone like Alec to open up her eyes to the reality of what and who she really is, what the world around her is and what it could be like, he's the exact opposite to Logan in that respect., he brings forward the possibility of a different kind of fairy tale, one where Max doesn't become the princess to a normal man, doesn't get her dream of normality but she does get to become the princess of a bunch of freaks just like her, she gets to fulfill her dreams of belonging and a family. I see this a the ultimate question she'd have to ask herself, which would be best? which does she want the most? which would make her truly happy? The thing with Alec (as with Logan) is that he can make this happen for her, can channel that new self-awareness for Max without getting into romantic entanglements with her. Though I do love the platonic-ness of their relationship, it's utterly cute.

And Joshua. Man, I love Joshua. I love how every character relates so distinctly to him, and how this tells us so much about them, as much as it tells us about Josh himself. He's a great character (whom tends to get butchered in fic, I find) and he's totally one of the most missed characters for me. Him and Alec. And him with Alec, I love how they took to each other (once Max's blessing was given, of course).

And this was brought to you by my denial to study and write school-sanctioned fiction! Joy.

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So. I was, um, bullied into joining this sort of contest where there'll be no winners (or something) and I have to submit three pieces of fiction. One has to be old, another new and a third one something written the day of the submission itself, as in there'll be someone watching you write it. Oh pressure, how overrated you are.

Anyway, I'm working on the new piece, and am already deciding what the third is not gonna be about. It's the old one that has me a ragged mess of doubt. I have these few pieces that I love with all of my heart but some of them are too personal for me to share, others have already been shared and I believe it is against the non-contest rules to submit something you've already sent out to another contest (where there were actual prices. And less ridiculous rules), clearly this leaves me with very few options, of which the really attractive one is this RPF thingy I wrote a while back, and it is truly and sincerely loved. There's something about that story.

Which is where you guys come in (PLEASE, DO COME IN), because I'm asking your help with it. What do you think about it? Should I make arrangements? Is it contest material?

It's mustang horses, champagne glasses and this is the last thing I've written that got posted, so it's been opinioned on by other people already, but I'm still sort of on the fence about it, mostly because it never got beta-ed and so, (further) third party view may be required before it's set free onto the world.

::is insecure:: Will you help a poor little soul out?


Mar. 27th, 2009 04:25 pm
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so. much. love.

Here is a meta that echoes my thoughts on the episode, and so I'll be lazy and link to it instead of pretending to come up with something original.

Though I will say how much I loved )
Those are my two cents, anyway. Thoughts?

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Two things: that I took away from this episode )

Kitty pics tonight. ::sticks tongue out at Mousey::


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