Sep. 1st, 2010 05:44 am
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You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach you get when the phone wakes you up at three in the morning and your first thought is that something's happened?


And then, after nearly knocking yourself out with the edge of the bedside table, slipping on the mat and freezing your feet after you've achieved the living-room in one piece, you pick up the phone and it turns out to be a wrong number. Which the person on the other side (who, unlike you, sounds totally awake and not thoroughly annoyed) tries to deny by means of telling you it is completely normal to be disoriented, after all you did get dragged out of bed just recently, now could I please put my mom on the phone?

Yeah. Thoroughly annoyed, flist. At three in the morning. I don't even want to know what was this person hoping to achieve by waking up and entire household at oh-so-early in the morning.

I did go right back to sleep though, so that's something.

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Yesterday I was entirely too grateful (is there such a thing as too grateful?) for green apples, for they are tart, juicy, crunchy paradise, I am convinced. Yes.

Today I'm very, very grateful for holidays-I've-yet-to-memorize. Today, Monday, we're celebrating (one day ahead, mind) either the death or the birth of San Martin here in Argentina, I, being the awful little person I can be, have not actually bothered looking up which one exactly, nor have I bothered learning historical stuff of relevance about this country even though I've been consuming it's resources for about six years now.

All of this, however, does not prevent me from being grateful for the extra day of laziness. I think you'll agree.

P.S.: the death, we're celebrating his death. Or should that be honoring his death by not concerning ourselves with the vagaries of normal weekdays?

Also commas. I love commas and am always grateful for them.

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So, dear, lovely, awesome, unparalleled ladies of my flist I come here today to suck up to you ask you a very serious question of great import: what do you think a matriarchal society should have/be like/work like? Why? (okay, so two questions, then).

I'm sort of playing around with world-building sandboxes and this may never percolate into anything beyond a mental exercise, so be warned. However, isn't this a great mental exercise? (hint: it is)
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I think I'm having an identity crisis of some sort. Like, I'm sitting here and I realized I don't even know when Spn's coming back, which might be mostly because I'm agonizing over the lack of new Merlin...

When did I change boats? I was not notified of this in a timely fashion. Not cool, self.

But. Merlin fic, I am gorging myself on it. And I'm loving how prevalently awesome Morgana is portrayed and how Future HQIC Gwen is written and this makes me SO HAPPY because, like, yes they are.

On second thought, maybe them burning Anna up in that episode where Mary and John totally stole the show did it for me, like, I find myself not really caring one way or another, just watching out of habit, and now I wonder if I'll still be around for the next season they've been promising. I think I'll stick around to see what's new and what remains.


::goes off to hunt appropriate icon::
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So, on the subject of Sherlock Holmes I have an issue/question/different point of view )

So, what gives? What was your experience in this respect?
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I, as per usual, have mixed feelings about this season's premiere.

in case you're interested )

I did enjoy it. So, mostly love?

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No, I'm putting one up, just curious about how would that work.

I had this dream, right? and it's in total keeping with the alphabetized playlist on that highly improbable wedding I mentioned earlier. Remember?

Except. This time it involved a profoundly intellectual conversation with Mohinder Suresh about how "swine", "swoon" and "swan" had the same root origin and thus were likely to be actual conjugations of the same verb. This, of course, was supported by the linguistic knowledge I have accumulated throughout my years of speaking English... and also my interest in convincing him that getting me in the same room with Spock would constitute a great service to humanity (and Vulcans as well, clearly).

Seriously, do you not agree events like this should be mentioned in whatever form of self-advertising I might see myself forced to partake in?

P.S.: I have a new favorite word: spaghettification. I'm gonna go now and dream up some wildly hilarious interesting scenarios in which this term can get tossed around, all the while being acutely aware of how it actually does get tossed around in some highly intellectual circles. I LOVE PHYSICISTS. (also, LJ spell check recognizes it ::loves::)

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Oh Dark Angel, I wish I knew how to quit choo.

Except. Not really.

See? the thing with this show is how the relationships played out, and my absolute belief that, eventually, Max would have grown into the high, high role her existence demanded she took. I do belief she needed to go through with Logan for a little while, stop with the moony eyes and longing sighs, get that ball rolling, I mean, when your OTP needs such contrivances as genetically designed viruses to keep them apart thus keeping the interest and mystery going, then you know you've got a problem because, as dramatic and romantic as it might seem, it only tells you that as soon as the lovebirds get together, things are gonna stop being so smooth and you're gonna have to face them with the reality of the fantasies they'd placed on each other and the relationship.

They both thought the other was gonna be their savior, Logan was in it because she seemed like the one who'd understand his devotion to doing the right thing, while Max was interested in the possibility of normal he offered. But realistically, how long could this have lasted? How many bridges would they be able to successfully build to transit across their differences? How many bridges would this require?

I do ship Max/Logan, but only in this capacity, as an experience they both need to go through in order to move on with their lives, grow through each other and finally, ft into where they belong. Which is not to say they are not meant to be together, they are similar enough to make that work, just not romantically. Methinks.

I also ship (hardcore) Max/Alec, and this is beyond my Alec/the rest of the world ship too. Mostly I think Max needs someone like Alec to open up her eyes to the reality of what and who she really is, what the world around her is and what it could be like, he's the exact opposite to Logan in that respect., he brings forward the possibility of a different kind of fairy tale, one where Max doesn't become the princess to a normal man, doesn't get her dream of normality but she does get to become the princess of a bunch of freaks just like her, she gets to fulfill her dreams of belonging and a family. I see this a the ultimate question she'd have to ask herself, which would be best? which does she want the most? which would make her truly happy? The thing with Alec (as with Logan) is that he can make this happen for her, can channel that new self-awareness for Max without getting into romantic entanglements with her. Though I do love the platonic-ness of their relationship, it's utterly cute.

And Joshua. Man, I love Joshua. I love how every character relates so distinctly to him, and how this tells us so much about them, as much as it tells us about Josh himself. He's a great character (whom tends to get butchered in fic, I find) and he's totally one of the most missed characters for me. Him and Alec. And him with Alec, I love how they took to each other (once Max's blessing was given, of course).

And this was brought to you by my denial to study and write school-sanctioned fiction! Joy.


Mar. 15th, 2009 10:01 pm
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Cat training. I know a lot of youses have cats and I'd like to know what are the appropriate ways of telling them "No" and have them heed that no. And rewards, which are the ones that send the message.

Google told me that you have to be careful with the punishments because they can take it to mean that it's a game. And no, it isn't. He's litter trained already, which I think stole the experience from me, but saved my wood floor, so it evens out, I just wanna make sure I teach him not to hang himself from the curtains, or scratch the furniture while he's still young and impressionable and fresh.

Um. Need to get him some toys, he loves the crumpled pieces of paper I've improvised, but I'm guessing that will only go so far before he thinks that every crumpled piece of paper is a toy, bad assumption to make when you're living with me.

Ideas? I'm all ears. Or eyes.

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With the arrival of the new member of my now-two-members family (joking! The Teddy bear makes three), I've been de-cluttering everything I can find, for both his safety and my comfort.

Now, do you know what I found? My desktop. It's messy. All those icons I never use, and then there are the files, My Documents is kinda scary at the moment. So I was wondering about online storage. I figure it'd do me some good to get rid of all the files that no longer served a purpose, but there are some that I don't want to throw away, but nor do I want them around clogging up my hard drive. Seeing as how life presented me with this humongous dilemma, I took a break to go watch my baby play with his blanket (awww) and it occurred to me, out of sight doesn't neccesarily mean out of mind, or existence as the case may be.

I've heard it's quite common to store personal files in the internet, and while I could toss myself at the merciless hands of the Highway and surf through Google and possibly even Yahoo!, I'd still like some advice from the hive. Got any to spare?

In the meantime, my kitty continues to be a heartbreaker, unearthing dust bunnies from under the bed, the couch. From behind the bookshelf. From inside the bookshelf. Yeah, de-cluttering. I'm told it's very Zen, this whole process.
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Been feeling odd, lately. As if I had this well inside my head, this pit of ideas waving and revolting around, making themselves known, making me stop and stare. And then I grab my legal pad and... they're gone. I wanna write and, apparently I can, the ideas are there which is sort of fundamental for the craft, I think, but I don't seem to have the drive. Or something.

I'm intimidated by a legal pad.

Don't even wanna bother with the laptop.

But, this is a happy day because I am convinced that leaves are falling! Finally!

So, back to the original reason for this post (when in doubt, always ask your flist), does this lack of drive, as I have christened it, happen to you? If so, how do you handle it? Advices?

meme stuff

Nov. 2nd, 2008 05:02 pm
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Your result for Which Philosopher Are You?...



You are the modern thinker. You are skeptic of the metaphysical, but do not count out any ideas. You are somewhat cynical of mankind and examine the institutions of today. You may even consider solipcism. Examples of your style include: Hobbes & Descartes

Take Which Philosopher Are You? at HelloQuizzy

Let's anylise how this result kind of, sort of clashes with the previous one, shall we? ::is amused::

Wait. There's more )

Jesus. H.

Oct. 20th, 2008 06:18 am
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I just named a plant after Tom Welling...

Danners is to be held personally responsible for this.

Have a nice day.

Love, me.

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This woman freaks me out. And that's me giving her the benefit of the doubt...

I'm not sure I want to hear their acceptation speeches, like, ever. Emotional scarring is too great a probability, and I'm seriously sufficiently scarred (scared) by her already.

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Thing First: The flower boy thinks I have a fetish for Libraries (he totally said it with a capital L, too) and wonders how come I've never taken him down to one with me. I think he thinks if I get turned on in the biographies section he will get lucky in a "semi-public" place. Sometimes he is not very bright.

Thing Second: It is also a belief of the previously mocked flower boy that my possibly gay potential roommate will exert some sort of (undefined) bad influence on me, and thusly I should not live alone with a boy who is not him zomg.

Thing Third: The aforementioned possibly gay potential roommate cannot cook.

Thing Fourth: Tomorrow is Monday. Crap.
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-But the important one is:

Dear Flist:

I love y'all to death, but please to be stopping with the so-darn-active behavior when I'm not around to condone your spamming tendencies. Thank you.

Lotsa love, me.

-Moving on. We had to do this sex-ed thing in that high school I used to counsel for, and oh my god! the things a gilr's gotta listen to get her license to actually listen. There was this one girl who approached me personally after the main event (a lecture on safe sex, the advantages and procedures of, and then some Q&A session that featured the little genius who was yet to figure out how very not-pregnant anal sex can get you) and asked me about the common, early symptoms of pregnancy,  to then sigh in relief when I failed to include dry hands into the enumeration.

There was a lot of restrain on my part -and I really feel like I deserve a medal or something- in order to quash the impulse/need of repeatedly hitting my head against the desk right there because of forms and also, the girl really didn't know, and this is where my beef is, she was having sex (actively, as this one would appear to be at least the second freak out about a possible pregnancy) and not know what to look for in case there's something to be looked for, not to mention to allow that case in the first place! (clearly I did make a point out of individual hormone cycles and body chemistry, it was possible that in her, dry hands could mean a significant change in her body balance, but since I have very basic knowledge on that area it wouldn't be wise to just stay with my opinion and go to a doctor, then she specified it had been five months since her last period. That is just out of my hands, sent her to a doctor anyway, because it is a reason to be worry)

It's sex people, it is a serious issue and it is a big deal. Why is that so hard to understand? With sex comes a number of responsibilities that just cannot be overlooked in favor of praying and dancing under the moon, because that's just way less blush-inducing than going to a local library and borrow that little book with pictures in it. I mean, information is right there, all you gotta do is get over yourself and just go get it.

A guy came over after that and asked me if being a christian (I wear a crucifix around my neck) I considered sex a sin/crime. I asked him if he had a regular partner, if said partner was somebody else's official partner, if there had been raping involved, being these cases, imo, the ones that would step into sin/crime scenery (also the ones I could come up with at the moment to illustrate the point). Other possibilities involved ill intentions towards his partner and/or a possible third party, fear and insecurity in his relationship with his partner, insecurities about his own sexuality and some other potential situations that would have more to do with personal conceptions and, maybe, morality, than with the more general rules of religion and/or laws. Needless to say, after this I was pulled out from the table by the head professor to be lectured on the proper ways of answering that kind of dangerous questions. In his opinion, such questions should be answered in home, but then again, if there were answers back home, why would sex-ed be necessary in the first place? If there were answers back home, why would these questions be posed at all? So, in conclusion, the educational system kicks the ball into the family court, and the family neatly dodges it dumping the responsibility back on the school.

At the end of the day, it's the kids' fault that the hospital needs a especial wing to treat the ever-increasing amount of pregnancies and STD cases in teens (with an age range of thirteen to twenty-one years old)

I came home to sulk. Oh, the state of this world!
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::uses icon because it fits::

Today I made a great discovery. Well, it's more like I embraced a long-denied truth. I love cooking, it makes me happy.  As is confetti-throwing happy, that, dear flist (and possible lurker) is the most awesomest feeling ever... well, there are better feelings... but that's not the point.

Anyway, since that isn't the end of the world as we know it, I am currently waiting for my Banana Bread to come out. It's my first! 


Aug. 26th, 2007 08:07 am
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Just had this odd dream wherein Tara (Buffy's Willow's Tara) comforted Dean (Winchester, duh) upon his returning home after a hunt. And in my dream, it totally made sense that Tara was sleeping in Dean's childhood bed because, for some reason, she was camping out in his house (which wasn't in Lawrence. Heresy, I know) while some other TV shows' assorted witches made some sort of hunter-on-the-making training camp on his backyard.

So anyway, point was: Dean walks into his room, utterly exhausted and looking kinda crest-fallen, Tara closes the little "Dear Diary" formatted book she's writing on and looks at him, puts a hand on his shoulder (somehow their positions reverse without previously informing me. (Rude of them, btw.) And now he' s sitting down by the desk, his back to her and she's standing behind him, a hand on his shoulder squeezing ever-so-slightly) and asks him if he wants her to leave him alone, Dean nods and she exits the room because she's such a good friend and is totally attuned to Dean's needs...

It amused me, upon waking up.


Jul. 9th, 2007 11:11 am
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It's snowing. Like, white stuff falling from the sky.

Snow. In Cordoba. Snow

The world's ending. Somebody do something!

Effing snow. That I know of, never in the history of, like, ever has it snowed in this city. But what do I know?.

Snow. Maybe I should stop smoking that stuff they sell in the corner. Or maybe I should change my dealer...

Snow. Jesus H. Christ. Snow.

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Okay, so the man is wearing pink... and I'd still do him.

And then, there's this article. Very readable, extremely spoilery, so if you're not like me and wish to stay unspoiled, don't click.


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