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My brother just told me he's going vegetarian, it's a new thing he's trying, some more stuff is said, then some other stuff and anyway:

J: Bottom line is our turkey day will have to have no turkey. How's that sound? ::beams::
Me: ::buries face in pillow::

So, how 'bout it flist? any recs on vegetarian fixings for Thanksgiving? The issue here is the turkey (not that you can find any here, but I was gonna go with chicken like last year), the rest I can manage, I just want something vaguely resembling tradition for once ::heraddesk::

Since we're on the subject, J and the flower boy do not get along at all. Unless they're drunk, then they're potentially nice to each other. But just marginally, blink and you miss it. Fun times.

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* I had planned how this was gonna go, but since me and planning ahead don't usually get along, I have forgotten what was the first point. ::shrugs::

* The other day the flower boy and I got into a pretty big fight and have been playing phone tag since, until today when he sent a friend of his (because we are total fifth graders) with a peace offering in the form of Slavoj Zizek's How To Read Lacan. Clearly I will call him myself as soon as I get home, because I know he has no idea what he did, but he's too cute for words and I'm weak and miss him.

* Bought two new plants and named them Sarah II and Tommy. THEY WILL NOT DIE BECAUSE I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THE UNIVERSE, DAMMIT!

* Got me a new job, which means, there will be NO TA-ing on my part anytime soon. There'll be a lot, like A LOT, of research and statistics at play now, but there won't be any freshman involved and so ::blows raspberry::

* Cas, baby, I am organizing a Jensen pic spam just for you, because I know you need it and I can give it, this is how it works. Just, y'know, be aware of the first point of this post.

* Am listening to Def Leppard because there's nothing like reminiscing your childhood happy moments and actually get the lyrics you used to sing to the top of your lungs when you were wee enough to get away with it, is there?

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You know what I love about children? When you tell one of them he's been a good boy today and give him his good boy sticker, he'll wait patiently until his mama comes to see him and the first thing he'll do will be puff his chest out and proudly slap himself over his sticker and say "Look mama, I was good today!" And then, when you leave some four hours later, you'll catch his face through the glass door and he'll still be smiling like a hero.


The flower boy was in one of his awesome feminist moods today and finally cave in to me and got himself some Erykah Badu songs for his iPod. He actually tapped his fingers to the beat against the steering wheel. And then burped, but that's not important. What is important is how he can't come up with a decent remark to mock/question Jensen's manhood when presented with this picture, he has a smart-ass comment for every single one of them, but this one leaves him at a loss of words, I blame the MAN!arms, I mean, did you see that WRIST? It's definitely the MANLY arms ::nods::

[profile] roguemouse, where the hell are you? [personal profile] silver_spotted, still alive sweety? Haven't heard zip from either of you in like forever. I miss your faces! (not that I've ever seen them, but)
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Thing First: The flower boy thinks I have a fetish for Libraries (he totally said it with a capital L, too) and wonders how come I've never taken him down to one with me. I think he thinks if I get turned on in the biographies section he will get lucky in a "semi-public" place. Sometimes he is not very bright.

Thing Second: It is also a belief of the previously mocked flower boy that my possibly gay potential roommate will exert some sort of (undefined) bad influence on me, and thusly I should not live alone with a boy who is not him zomg.

Thing Third: The aforementioned possibly gay potential roommate cannot cook.

Thing Fourth: Tomorrow is Monday. Crap.
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As I sit here, in caffeinated expectation until it's nine o'clock and the world starts spinning around these parts again, it hits me: other than institutionalized mental patients, their somewhat annoying psychiatrist and his (rather lovable) student, and the people I've conned into letting me interview them, I have no social life.

This is why I did not go to med school (aside of the insides-sighting part, of course), I wanted to be able to still, like, talk to people. As in people who did not honestly believe the Queen of England is masquerading in their basement as a rat, which is obviously part of a plan for world domination. Obviously.

Man, even my bf is someone from school/work. Jesus. H. Christ. Dear flist, please to remain awesome. Thank you.

And in the matter of the flist being awesome. I have a rec. Nosce te ipsum by [personal profile] rei_c  is truly an outstanding work of creativity. The style is impeccable and the basic premise is more than a little enticing. What if the Greek Empire had not been defeated, what then? It's RPS but there's no actual slash, pre-slash I think, but it's open enough that if you're not into that kind of thing, you'll still love it because of how true it rings. Jensen is Jensen-ish and Jared is accurately Jared-ish. And then there are secondary characters that have lives and an entire universe that makes things so utupian I found myself wishing this society did actually exist just so I could go gorge myself on their history books and philosophers' views. Seriously, do yourselves a big ol' favor and read it.

I shall go back now, to the flower boy's attempts at changing my worldview on modern medicine. Little boy don't learn.
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I'm back, hopefully. Man, been having crazy times lately, and except for the occasional comment in some of y'all's entries, I've been away from the internets and boy does that hurt!.

But mid-terms were survived (woop!) and the boy's back with his parents, were he rightfully belongs. I have my life back, so of course the first thing to do is to report back with you. Lovely.

And because I need the distraction, here, have some meme I snagged from [personal profile] silver_spotted

1. What do you think of _____________ ?

2. When did you last ____________?

3. __________ or ___________ and why?

4. What did you ______________?

5. What's your favorite ______________?

6. How would you ______________?

7. Who would you most like to ________ ?
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The best friend produced this article about a math code that had been finally solved after 38 years, and of course there is a reason why this guy is my BFF, he knows me, so he knows that stuff like this attracts my attention in inexplicable ways and for equally ineffable reasons.

Which is all very good, you know, in the spirit of learning and expanding horizons, etc, etc. Except. We dragged my boyfriend into it, and now the three of us find ourselves knee-deep in enemy territory wherein the only form of communication is through meaningful glances that mostly mean: what in the hell is this? Or the variation: why are we spending our saturday night doing this?, although my personal favorite is: why in the name of God am I thinking about this?

We are still trying to figure out whether The Road Coloring Problem actually translates into anything in real words. We refuse to give up, I'm taking this as a sign of extreme hard-headedness (pun probably intended, I'm not sure yet) as well as temporary insanity.

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1. Am taking a cigarette break without any actual cigarette being involved ::hides from supervisor::, I feel so sneaky.

2. The bf (whom from now on shall be referred to as S) brought me flowers to work this morning, effectively outing our relationship to my co-workers. But that's not the cool part, the cool part is that he was completely unfazed by my forgetting to mention my new "status" to the people I work with, that guy knows me well enough to last a while ::is happy::. Oh, and the flowers? are edible. I really, really like him.

3. I need recs of books/fanfiction about dystopias. This is of the most importance to my future and incidentally happens to be the reason I'm taking a cigarette break at all. So, get to it flist, hook a girl up and I'll bake and eat cookies in your honor, deal?


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