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As promised, here be Cas' pick-me-up. Hope you like, bb! What am I talking about, of course you'll like it.

They're only eleven, but I still wouldn't recommend it in dial-up cases.

catch it while you can, is the feel good hit of the summer )

Well, darling, here's my two cents, hope they help somehow. ::blows kisses::
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There really isn't much of a reason for me to be posting right now beyond my new icon ::points to icon::

So I though I'd make it worth your while, thusly: pic spam of the manflesh variety!

Jeff )

Kane )

Viggo )

Tennant )
And where's Ackles? I hear you ask, he'll be up next, I just have too many pics of him and this requires time and thought... ::takes time and thinks:: Though, ironically enough, if there was a man to fit my new icon ::points to icon:: it would be him...


Jun. 16th, 2008 01:36 pm
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Dear flist, I'm feeling magnanimous today. So here, have some Ackles.

867-5309 )

Have a nice day!
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Have you seen this? You've seen this. But I don't care, because LOOK AT THIS

I kind of love that shirt. Please goddess, let it be his shirt. And the boots, the boots man!

:: brain short-circuits::

Oh, David

Jan. 2nd, 2008 05:49 pm
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You know what's interesting? Possibly a 95% of the male population of the world would look ridiculous in a red velvet suit, but on David it kinda fits. Awesomely, may I add. Dare I compare David's suits with Jen's pink shirt? Think I just did ::shrugs::

::is still not giving Tennant his own tag, nope::

I feel kinda guilty, maybe a proper Jensen picspam is in order? ::thinky face::
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Ah, man. Good things have happened to me lately, so I thought I'd share the love. Thus: Picspam.

See, I'm not a shoe loving girl, I own (this is NOT a lie) four pairs of shoes, but it doesn't mean I can't appreciate a man who knows how to work a good pair of Chucks. Or boots, whichever the case might be.

So, does anybody else share the, uh, kink/fetish/whatevercakes?


Dec. 7th, 2007 08:04 pm
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Some days, the world just SUCKS, but y'know, the sun always shines even if not for you...

::content sigh::
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Okay, so technically it is 02:31 p.m. right now, BUT I just woke up and it's Sunday, so it totally counts as morning, and there's no denying these are good.

So, I rest my case:

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Okay, so the man is wearing pink... and I'd still do him.

And then, there's this article. Very readable, extremely spoilery, so if you're not like me and wish to stay unspoiled, don't click.

Two things

Mar. 30th, 2007 11:11 pm
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1. Saw 300, got slashy thoughts...  I am not a slasher, that slashy the movie is. All in all, the great knowledge I came out with was: a.) spartans worked out like whoa; b.) Props to special effects unit. Really; c.) I like movies with aesthetic beauty (I don't mean the male population displayed... only), the planes, the colors, the saturation, the effects. Dudes, I swear that fying head? classy. S'all I'm sayin'; d.) I cannot remember that Faramir guy's name! its killing me, but I refuse to go to Imbd.; e.) everywhere is appropriate for flirting. Even a huge pile of dead guys. 'Cuz they're manly men, they so can flirt with each other in front a stinking pile of recently slaughtered men. 

2. This one is for [personal profile] silver_spotted, because I am incredibly awesome like that, so I sacrificed myself for ya girl. I had to go through so, so many pics of the man to come up with the one, really, I might go blind after such an exposure to all that light.



Mar. 9th, 2007 11:37 am
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So this is what happens when you leave Paola all wired-up and completely empty handed.

The lab partner was supposed to come by last night so we could cross reference some research results, because now, we have to deliver TWO papers. Each. Never mind team work or anything. I swear, our Uni doesn't want us to graduate. Ever.

Apparently we're that much of a joy to have around ::snorts::

Anyway, the guy didn't show up, I'm still waiting to hear from him, and I suspect he won't call back until he is certain I won't compromise his reproductive capacity, in which case, I won't be hearing any of him until Monday, at least.

Point is, in the middle of my pissed off, boredom ridden state of mind, PI came in to the rescue and this happened:

  01.     02. 03.

They're quite simple, but I tried different effects and coloring and else before getting these, that I actually like.

So, probably is a good thing for me to be in that kind of frame of mind, it seems to make me productive... Waddaya think?
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This post, is made of heaven. As in fangirls' heaven. 

Here, go drool.

I could have written some witty stuff of my own. But she already did it. And since she was looking at Jensen while doing so, she deserves some kudos for her uncanny capacity for coherent thought in the face of... well, Jensen.

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I will be beheading myself today! I am a danger for other living creatures to be around (I will explain this further, tomorrow possibly), amongst other things I went through the my ENTIRE flist list, before it hit me that all the "Happy Birthday Jensen" posts were due to Jensen's b-day... yeah you can mentally smack me, as soundly as you will.

In order to redeem myself from such a sin as reading with my brain turned off, I'm planning on a Pic-Spam of my own (because its JA, and we cannot get enough of the guy). It might take a little while though but I will make it dammit! SO wait for it, fellows.

And to posterity this day shall be remembered by all as "The Day that I Misplaced My Brain... and didn't realized until it was too late"
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So two things:
First, I have to tell y'all that this is totally worth checking out.

Second: More drool bucket for those of you who enjoy it as much as I do. Today we'll let Orlando Bloom water our mouths... or mine at least.
Still looking for that JAlba pic, not being overwhelmingly successful.

This way )

There. Gotta go check if my professor decided to drop by and actually earn his pay-check.        
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My migraine is so loud I can't even hear the other voices in my head, and let me just count the many ways this sucks. Its got me all pissed off and easily annoyed by anything coming from the outside world. I do not like being like this.

Also, I'm in the market for some nice Jessica Alba picture for my drool bucket. I mean, she's kind of scorching hot, and yet, none of the pictures I've found of her seem to be good enough... or at all. So got any that you'd like to share? Pretty please?

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So my cold is gone, which is all kinds of great since I'm off to Dallas tonight, where I'll surely freeze my ass off, but at least my nose won't be running.

Also? I so should comment on "Born Under a Bad Sign" because it blew my mind way, way off limits, problem is I'm still trying to find it, which means that so far, I can't get pass the flailing and into the reasoning, so as of now all I can say is: "OMFG GO SUPERNATURAL, GO DEAN, GO JO, GO BOBBY, GO BLESSED BEER, GO EVIL!SAM/JP WOW, THE BOY CAN ACT! YAY, GO JENSEN for good measure, GO KRIPKE"
I own my soul to that show, as well as my first born, my brother's first born (he doesn't know that yet) and possibly my sister's too.
My aunt just told me what a fangirl she is, and I introduced her to spn last friday! So, does this show rock, or does it rock?

It rocks like a rocking thing!

I've decided that I should start the drool bucket thing, because amma be on a plane for most of next week, and even though I know I'll manage to smuggle some time to get on line, it will be damned tricky, so here it is the first drop on my bib:

And that's all folks... for now ::insert evil laughter here::

Wish me a good trip. Epic things are bound to happen in this one; both my dads will meet, like, face to face meet. That should be interesting.

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So it has come to my attention that I need a drool bucket because there are way too many hotties walking 'round my tv at the moment. Thus I've decided to make a list of the people I drool over and put them all together, maybe the overwhelming amount of beauty will make my head explode, or drool so hard that my mouth runs out of water for a while, allowing me to watch tv peacefully and sit in front of my laptop without fearing for the well being of my keyboard.

And this post is the hard evidence of how randomly my brain is running right now. I have this spn-and-law enforcements discussion going on that has evolved into spn-and-female characters... while munching on that, I'm also feasting on this new discovery of mine, that shall be brought to you as soon as I have explored it further, and at the same time –well not literally, but you get my meaning- I’m kind of killing this plot bunny that apparently is not really all that important, since I can’t seem to be able to give it my undivided attention.


This is a direct result of insomnia and its impolite ways…


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