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So, today I am braving attempting to make good and proper bread, which is to say, an actual loaf I can slice and toast and butter up like Mother Nature intended bread to be sliced, toasted and buttered up. Not one of those wussies I tend to make. The dough did not raise much at all much that I can tell, but the texture was kind of lovely so we're expecting a potentially dense (like, very dense) flat-bread. Or something. Shall we cross our fingers?

I have been grateful for a number of things lately, I've just not been letting you know.

Saturday was a good day to thank early morning phone calls from semi-estranged brothers whom have not been picking up your phone calls. He said he wasn't home when I rang. Which I did at random times for about two weeks only to get bored of the (possibly ignored) ringing. He apologized, I forgave him with severe misgivings and we moved onto bigger and better subjects such as what we've been eating.

Sunday was the day when the camera got dusted off and we proceeded to pretend to know what we were doing in front of beautiful pieces of local architecture like this one. I love taking pictures, people. This you already knew, I presume, but still it bears repeating. So I kept saying how wonderful an invention photographic cameras were and how grateful I was for them.

Monday was a tough one solely on the merits of it being Monday, but like I read somewhere (in the Codex Alera series) a snake cannot help being a snake, and so Mondays should not be blamed for being the beginning of the week. Still, happiness was to be found on that perfect muffin I shared with a former teacher whom I ran into at the coffeeshop. She was lovely as usual, but had to run and thus the sharing part, which was more along the lines of her leaving her half-eaten muffin for me to finish because she hates eating on the bus. So I lucked out. We made a note to keep in touch and she's already texted me back to tell me she's saved my cell phone number.

Today's been wonderfully cool and sunny. Unlike last week when we had 28o C ::is too lazy to convert to F:: and everybody was in a fright over the coming summer. You guys, it's going to be positively hellish. We should still have about a month left of winter and yet here I am, breaking out the t-shirts and sleeve-less tops. I do not approve. Today though was lovely enough for me to dare turning on the oven and fail at try my hand at bread.

It's out! Kind of focaccia looking? Except brown and with no onions or tomatoes or anything of the sort. It's fully done though, so that counts as a win.


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