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So, it's just hit me, and entire season has gone by without me publicizing to the internets how squeeful I get whenever Eleven is on my screen.

Shame on me.

ZOMG I LOVE THIS SHOW SO HARD!!!!!!!! Like, I can't believe I'm having a hard time figuring out which episode to love best, or which one was the weakest; back in season two.. whoooo boy was that not even an issue.

Overall, it's the utter joy of this Doctor, how he's not all about the Woe that it is Being Him, and yet there's still that undercurrent of having lived so long and having seen and done so much. UNDILUTED GLEE, I tell you.

Also, while Tennant will always be my squishy, I kinda want to go out and buy that fez for Eleven and give it to him with a note that says "for my Doctor" because he so is.

OT3 yes!!! they married!!!! and I know a lot of people were all he doesn't deserve her she's too good for him, etc, etc. I do not care because yes, sometimes Rory can be a bit underwhelming in the Awesome People Department, but sometimes he brings it, and he loves her and she loves him and that's what counts, I think. She was confused and not really sure she wanted him but then he proved himself to her and then she really, really wanted to be with him. AND HE NEVER STOPPED WANTING TO BE WITH HER, and then they were married and he was so not jealous of the Doctor, in fact, HE WAS ALL ABOUT JUMPING INTO THE TARDIS AND GOING OFF TO DEAL WITH ESCAPED EGYPTIAN GODDESSES.

Amy!!!! she got her parents, but not any kind of "normality" (which I was afraid might happen in the end, i mean they mind-wiped Donna, so there's precedent), she retained her quirky self and remained incontrovertibly Brilliant. I feel like there should be some sort of shrine where we can go worship all the levels of sheer Awesome she is.

Heee! "Gotcha"

RIVER SONG, RIVER SONG, RIVER SONG. I CAN HAS RIVER SONG? she who stares down Daleks and makes them beg for mercy? she who engineers and executes plans to Set Things in Motion and succeeds at them? She who is 110% Competent and clever and smarmy while at it? She who remains unapologetically feminine and gloriously sexual in the face of the world? YES I CAN HAS!

I may want to be her when I grow up.

I'm gonna go re-watch the whole season now. Yes.

Ahem, yes. Today should be interesting. England at 11 am (heee Eleven, should I take this as a sign?) local time and then Argentina at 15.30. Seems like this Sunday is shaping up to be a Very Emotional Day for me.

Things what I've been doing: counting how many books I've read so far this year. Grand total: 47. Idek. Apparently I HAVE NO LIFE ANYMORE. School books not included, which is sad. So, recs to come because some of them have been truly outstanding.
Uh, disclaimer: not all of these were door stoppers, guys. Some where very short (ish) and in ebook format which makes reading them while eating and ignoring the phone rather easier. Also I have four forty-five minutes long bus rides to clock in every day so... there's the time.

Also, also, also, THANK YOU [livejournal.com profile] jamesinboots  MY SOCCER BALL IS TRES AWESOME AND I SORT OF STARED AT IT FOR A WHILE BECAUSE WHEN I LOVE I GET CREEPY. Apparently.

Wow, I'm posting...


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